SKF exhibits solutions for power industry at Power Gen

 SKF India showcased world-class products and solutions catering to the power industry at Power Gen India 2014. The products and solutions focus on life cycle management for power assets. The solutions cover all aspects of the life cycle from improved designs with integrated solutions to enhanced operations and maintenance.
Products and solutions showcasedSupergrip bolt Demo FlangeSupergrip bolts are a superior solution for connecting flange couplings. Compared with traditional bolt systems, Supergrip bolts are much easier to install and remove. The bolts are inserted and removed by hand and with a clearance, eliminating the risk of seizure. The bolt is hydraulically expanded and tightened into the coupling bolthole, using a set of portable tools. The need for an overhead crane and time-consuming slugging of bolts is eliminated. Once the holes have been line-bored for initial installation, there is no need for further reaming or boring of holes. Thus the use of Supergrip bolts eliminates uncertainty about the length of downtime needed for removing and installing bolts at outages. Costs are cut and the length of future outages is significantly decreased.
Vibracon Demo KitSKF Vibracon SM elements are universal, adjustable steel chocks that simplify shaft alignment and machine installation by eliminating the need for rigid steel chocks, shims or epoxy resin grouting. The Vibracon chock can be re-adjusted as needed for specific applications.
For generators, compressors, turbine and pump sets, Vibracon chocks eliminate a number of time-consuming problems common to traditional alignment methods. Parallel and angular soft foot problems are eliminated, even when the base frame is twisted. It is not necessary to make extensive machining of base frame or foundation and there are no on-site problems related to arranging or installing shims. When Vibracon chocks are used in combination with laser alignment equipment, alignment time can be reduced by 50 percent.
SKF Microlog Analyser accessoriesSKF offers a variety of accessories that are available for the SKF Microlog analysers, including infrared thermometers, laser tachometers, modal analysis hammers, microphones, strobe lights, optical phase reference kits and more.
Complementary to SKF Microlog analysers, SKF offers various sensors/ accelerometers to obtain vibration measurements for assessing the mechanical status of machinery for condition monitoring purposes. In addition, the new non-contact sensor, SKF Laser Vibrometer extends the analysers’ possibilities to reach areas where it was previously impossible to access.
EXP4000The SKF Dynamic Motor Analyser – EXP4000 performs seven major functions for predictive maintenance programmes. It identifies possible power circuit problems that degrade motor health, examines overall motor power conditions, monitors the load and observes motor performance plus estimating energy savings.
In addition, it is programmed to supply information on voltage level, voltage balance, harmonic and total distortion, rotor cage condition, motor efficiency, effective service factor, overcurrent, operating condition, torque and load.
The EXP4000 is designed for remote monitoring from the Motor Control Centre (MCC) or through the EP1000 connection. A non-hazardous, low voltage, battery-operated unit, the instrument is highly portable and durable for use in tight and rugged locations.

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