SunEdison launches solar water pumps in India

SunEdison launched the SunEdison solar water pump, a high performance solar pv-based water pump specially designed for agriculture. “The Solar Water Pump will address a significant market, and help increase crop yield by delivering reliable irrigation without dependence on expensive diesel fuel or intermittent electrical power supply,” the company states. Commenting on the launch, Pashupathy Gopalan, President, SunEdison, Asia Pacific, GCC and South Africa said, “SunEdison is committed to transforming lives through innovation. Our solar water pumps empower farmers to grow cash crops that require predictable irrigation and enable them to utilize land that they previously could not irrigate.”The SunEdison solar water pump designed by R&D teams in California, USA and Bangalore, India is an attractive solution for farmers who need year-round cultivation and predictable daytime irrigation.  According to a study by IIT Bombay, effective irrigation can lead to a significant increase in yield. Thus, solar water pumps can result in improved yields and can even provide an additional crop each year, enhancing food security. Solar pumps also benefit electricity supply companies and surrounding communities by reducing strain on the grid. Intended for use in rural environments, these innovative pumps feature rugged structural design, and are available in 3HP (horsepower), 5HP, 7.5HP and 10HP variants.

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