Tata Power Solar commissions phase II of solar power project for the Chennai silks group

 Tata Power Solar has successfully executed five different solar power projects for The Chennai Silks group, constituting a total of 5.2 MW solar power plants. Coupled with the 2 MW solar plants commissioned last year by Tata Power Solar, the total installed solar power capacity of the group comes to 7.2 MW.
These five different solar projects, executed for different group companies of The Chennai Silks group, are located in Kangeyam of Tirupur district in Tamil Nadu and achieved power generation in 12 weeks. The five group companies include Naachas Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd. (1 MW), Space Textiles Pvt. Ltd. (1 MW), KTM Jewellery (P) Ltd. (1 MW), SCM. International Impex (1.1 MW) and Sathy Silks Pvt. Ltd. (1.1 MW).
Power shortage is a major issue in Tamil Nadu, with several manufacturing facilities in the region suffering from power shortage and relying on expensive diesel generators. For The Chennai Silk’s group, venturing into solar power is a step towards making solar a mainstream source of power generation.
Tata Power Solar had engaged local contractors for 45 days of field work, creating a range of job opportunities for the region. Tata Power Solar continues to extend job opportunities for the operations and maintenance of these captive power plants.

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