Vikram Solar plans significant market expansion

“We are adding large module (1 GW) and cell capacities (500 MW) over the next 5 years,” says Ivan Saha, President and Chief Technical Officer, Vikram Solar
 Vikram Solar has positioned itself as a dominant player in the various aspects of solar power plant projects. It is the first solar PV module manufacturer in India to introduce PID resistant modules which can prevent modules from degrading under any high-voltage stress in the field. In an interview with EPR, Ivan Saha talks on solar power, how the new government is taking the right steps to reform the sector and the future of renewable energy
Government initiativesSome of the measures taken by the new Union Government include announcing of ultra mega solar projects or massive solar parks, setting a target of 40,000 MWp of such grid-interactive rooftop solar PV plants during the next 5 years across India. This is part of the revised target of 100 GW under JNNSM scheme by 2022. Decision of not imposing anti-dumping duty, DCR clause of JNNSM by the central government, pilot-cum-demonstration project for development of grid-connected solar PV power plants on canal banks and canal tops to achieve gainful utilisation of the unutilised area on top of canals and vacant government land along the banks of canals wherever available and allocation of 100,000 of solar pumps under Solar Pumping Programme are some of the steps in the right direction. Abolishment of import duties on raw materials is also considered to be an appropriate step taken by the new government.
Vikram Solar in solar powerVikram Solar established its presence as a dominant player in the various aspects of manufacturing and solar power plant projects. In module manufacturing, it offers multi and mono crystalline modules ranging from 10 Wp to 335 Wp for a range of applications starting from low-cost off-grid solutions for rural areas to state-of-the-art high-efficiency and high-performing modules for large-grid connected plants. Vikram Solar has very recently entered into several new application areas like BIPV, power optimiser modules, solar power products (solar pumps, solar power packs, solar-powered light). These products are under various stages of technological development to commercialisation. In projects, the company provides EPC turnkey solutions and O&M services to a range of customers like developers, large IPPs, corporate houses and individuals. Its solar power project portfolio includes large-scale grid connected power plants, kW projects on rooftops (grid connected and off-grid both), rural mini grid projects and diesel hybrid systems, and floating solar power plant.
Mission ‘100 smart cities’This is a very encouraging announcement that Vikram Solar would like to endorse wholeheartedly. As an established solar EPC player and ranking among the top module manufacturers in India, Vikram Solar, with its state-of-the-art EPC and engineering team and top quality R&D facilities, wants to be part of this initiative.
Currently, Vikram Solar is involved in few large-scale MW solar projects of cumulative capacity of almost 80 MWp. These projects are scattered around the states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal, to name a few. All these projects are scheduled to be completed by the second quarter of this year. Beside these large-scale MW solar projects, its projects team are involved in lots of kW solar projects and rooftop solar projects across India. So Vikram Solar has all the inherent skill sets and resources to build large solar cities. It is adding large module (1 GW) and cell capacities (500 MW) over the next 5 years to address the expanding solar markets in India.
Technological advancementVikram Solar has always been the torch bearer in technology. The stage gate approach is employed in developing new products and all the products are thoroughly tested before they are launched to ensure product success. Vikram Solar, as a responsible module manufacturer, always uses technologies on its products that are internationally approved and established. It is the first solar PV module manufacturer in India to introduce PID resistant modules which can prevent modules from degrading under any high-voltage stress in the field. The company operates on DMAIC process and constantly strives to improve existing process to reduce defects and variations. Recently, it has completed the construction, installation and commissioning of India’s first floating solar power plant in New Town, Kolkata. The installation is completely flexible and can be adapted to any pond or water body, consist of 10 1-kW-fibre-glass modules, which make up the floating platform itself. This platform is designed from the scratch to guarantee a suitable floatability, supporting the photovoltaic modules, inverter, connection boxes, lighting arrestor and O&M activities.
Reaching renewable energy goalThe goal of generating 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 is very much attainable. But Vikram Solar feels, it will ultimately depend upon the key enablers which should be in sync with each other like the finance, speeding up decision making process, proper placing of the proposal with incorporating all technical advices and requirements, loosening the red tape procedure, keep in place appropriate policy and infrastructure, and strategise and prioritise the sector.

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