Special purpose transformer: ‘Why’ and ‘where’

Transformers are required wherever there is a need to transform voltage from one level to another. As in the electrical industry and various other industries, there are many machines, motors, relays, etc. that needs special voltage ratings to perform as required. So, a transformer becomes indispensible, as it is required to change the available voltage value to the one which is needed.

A special purpose transformer is termed as a transformer, which is specifically built to provide the required voltage or current need. These type of transformers are not readily available ex-stock and are built only on specific requirements by the customer. A special purpose transformer can be of high-voltage low-current type or low-voltage high-current type, depending upon the intended use. The capacity, in terms of KVA or MVA, again can be a wide range, depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Tailor-made and designed to withstand the harshest conditions provide power for industrial applications, in which electricity itself is a major resource.

Special purpose transformer applications
These special purpose transformers have variety of applications in different industries, viz. electrical industry, automation industry, packaging industry, welding industry, control panels, cranes, etc. In short, wherever there is a special need of specific voltage or current values, special purpose transformers are widely used.

Key factors driving the market
There are many important parameters that go into the designing and making of special purpose transformers. There are technical aspects, which are provided and determined by the customer inputs. The main factors that drive the special purpose transformer market are the overall
industrial growth rate and the macro trends that fuel growth rate.

As special purpose transformers have a wide variety of applications spanning various industries, overall industrial growth plays a very important role in driving this market. Positive industry-favouring government policies are crucial for the overall growth of this sector.

Evaluating current and future demand
The demands for special purpose transformer is in direct proportion to overall industrial growth, both on the domestic front and on the global level. The main drawback with the special purpose transformer market is that these transformers cannot be produced ex-stock, i.e. they have to be manufactured only against specific requirement of the customer. Hence, in such a scenario, one cannot plan
the production beyond a certain limit. This acts as an inhibitor in planning and growth, but on the
positive side, serves as an entry barrier from cheap imports.

The demand in the present scenario is satisfactory and is expected to grow, looking at the huge domestic consumption potential of the country in the years to come.

Authored article by:
Mukesh_Tolani, Director, Trutech Products

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