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How LEDs can transform spaces

Lighting is an integral part of home décor which helps to improve the aesthetics.

LED lighting industry is doing well in India. Nowadays almost everyone uses LED lights at homes, offices, hotels etc. According to TechSci Research report, “India LED lighting market by type, by application, by end use sector, competition forecast and opportunities, 2011 – 2021” the LED market in India is projected to register a CAGR of over 30 per cent during 2016-2021, on account of rising personal disposal income, growing government initiatives encouraging use of LED lights and increasing focus on smart city projects. LED has evolved with years and allowed people and companies to affordably transform their spaces. People nowadays use LED lights mostly in order to evolve their spaces.

Research established colour saturation and brightness influence human emotions. Unsaturated and bright sage green colour is relaxing. Relatively unsaturated and dim emerald green is energising. Blue is the best colour to create a pleasing space. Similarly, red is not a good colour in office, which destroys peace. White or beige spaces are generally stimulating and enhance ‘tension’ in human.

Home is a reflection of our own personality, every small change that we do in our home is the way we want to create our own cocoon. It is nest where we create spaces which cater to our own needs and how we love to see ourselves. Lighting is an integral part of home décor which helps to improve the aesthetics. Proper lighting can transform an ordinary looking place into a beautiful room.

Using the above concept, nowadays, flexible colour options and bright shines of LED lights provide opportunity to apply it anywhere, any time to transform spaces. Continuous rising cost of space leads to generation of multipurpose spaces. LED lights allow flexibility to transform architectural spaces with variety of colours to match functional requirements of a space at any time.

Appropriate lighting can change ambience of a space. Correct use to LED light can be used to add drama, highlight images / objects or create a focal point in a room. Depending on needs, LED lights can transform a space.

Keeping various colour options aside, following LED lights memory functions are used to transform a space:

  • LED lighting is used to highlight the detailing of a room’s design and make the space more visible and prominent.
  • Natural light, a setting that replicates natural light and used to read a book.
  • Cosy, warm light is used in TV room. This light with matching colour helps to create relaxation moment.
  • It can be used to highlight drama, architecture or to create focal point in the room.
  • LED lighting creates a great effect on the interior of a house. Due to different lighting setup in a room, the interior of a house looks small or big.
  • Lighting improves the aesthetics, matching the lighting with the home décor is essential to improve the overall look of the room
  • It is flexible and can be designed according to the mood as it comprises lights of different colours.
  • It caters to the all kinds of décor, it has the potential to create magnificent lighting without dark areas with different beam angles it can enhance the décor of the room.
  • LED lighting is not only used for a greater looking experience but at the same time make it useful as well. The LED lighting creates a great impression both on outside and inside of a house, office, hotels etc. basically in different spaces.

    Authored by:
    Anirudh Kajaria, Business Head,
    Century LED
    (Views expressed are personal)

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