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Cable & Wire Industry: New Product Development

Featuring some of the latest breakthrough solutions in the cable and wire segment.

Cables and wires enable reliability and durability to the electricity supply. This article will describe on the latest products in cable and wire segment.

CMI is a multi-product company. CMI manufactures a wide variety of cables for infrastructure, railways, oil and refinery industries, engineering companies and EPCC contractors. Amit Jain, MD, CMI says, “The product range includes railway quad cables, signalling cables, ballise cable for train protection and warning system, fire survival cables, LSZH / FRLS sheathed cables, control and instrumentation cables, cables with TPU sheath, PTFE cables, special cables for multi object tracking radar, fire alarm and communication cables, PIJF telecom cables, EPR/CSP/PCP insulated and sheathed rubber cables, Linear Heat sensing cables and etc.”

CMI has recently launched the following products:

  • PUR-Cables for GIS systems
  • LHS Cables for Power Generating Units
  • Twin-ax HF Cables for Space & Defence.

CMI manufactures a wide variety of cables and is a multi product company, manufacturing special and super speciality cables for very special usages. “We manufacture cables for Indian and Global customers as well. Our USP lies in being a multi-product company and having the certifications from leading buyers. We are amongst the few who address the needs for a variety of sectors and has all necessary customer approvals from segments as diverse as railways to oil and gas and telecom, ISRO to steel plants and etc,” claims Amit.

He also adds, “We ensure best quality and our products conform to all necessary certifications and standards. CMI today has specific customer approvals from various customers and quality of cables is ensured as per their specifications.”

He also asserts some example of the products have been tested and approved and approval certificates given by RDSO for cables to be supplied to railways, EIL for different cables being supplied to oil, petroleum and chemical Industries, BSNL-TEC (PIJF-Telecom cables), NPCIL, NTPC, DMRC, BHEL its various units, ISRO cables for space applications, steel plants, EPCC contractors and etc.

“Since we are into specialised cables and most often our cables support critical functions of our customers, for CMI quality is a way of life. We manufacture cables strictly as per customer’s specifications. We have complete in house in process quality control system, inspection and testing of cables at different production stages as per our QAP (quality assurance plan) and customer’s QAP,” Amit explains. The products manufactured are inspected for all relevant test requirements before dispatch. Customers also get their cables tested from their nominated inspection agencies at our works before dispatch of cables to their consignees.

Havells India
Solar power as a renewal energy has grown up significantly in the past few years. Efficiency optimisation in electric network would be of prime requirement and needless to say that cables are life line in solar electric network for interconnection of various P.V modules. Sanjeev Vyas, Senior General Manager, Havells India acknowledges, “Since these cables have to operate under toughest and extreme condition of weather and atmospheric exposure hence development of special polymer is of prime concern now days for this purpose. Crosslinked Polyolefin (XLPO) as an insulation is developed and preferred polymer now a days for photo-voltaic application in wire and cable segment.”

These cables can perform under extreme condition of installation and toughest weather conditions. “Compliance of cable for UV Resistant according to HD 605/A1 reasonably demonstrates withstand capacity of cable for long term exposure to sunlight .There are also many other features such as highest resistance against environment like U.V., ozone and humidity, suitability of cables under extreme temperature from (-) 40 C to 120 C, suitability in toughest weather conditions. PV cables can perform efficiently and safely for years to come,” reveals Sanjeev.

KEC manufactures a complete range of EHV, HV and LV power, control, instrumentation cables and optical fiber and jelly filled copper telecom cables. “KEC’s design and development team works in close coordination with its customers to develop special cable products that suit their specific applications,” informs Rakesh Amol, President – Infrastructure and Cables, KEC International.

He adds, “KEC has manufactured and supplied 5 core x 150 mm2 copper conductor XLPE insulated, lead alloy sheathed, 1.1 kV Flame retardant cables for export to a petrochemical plant, where resistance to chemicals was a specific requirement. This unique product was manufactured and supplied by KEC for the first time.”

KEC has also manufactured and supplied 36kV XLPE cables with Polyamide sheath for termite protection to a client in Australia where termite resistance is a critical requirement. “The cables were manufactured and tested as per AS/NZS standards, under the guidance of an independent testing agency to check for compliance and testing requirements,” Amol informs.

EHV cables are usually single core cables, however KEC has successfully manufactured and supplied 66kV cables in 3 core construction – that is 3 core x 300 mm2, 66 kV cable as per specific requirement of a customer, which was successfully type tested in an independent test laboratory. Use of three core cables avoids the complication of special sheath bonding required for single core cables. KEC is also offering this cable with hybrid construction – that is 3 core 66kVXLPE cable integrated with optical fiber cables.

In addition to this, KEC has developed 110 C class FR cables, meeting circuit integrity test under fire conditions as per IEC 331 for 3 hours.

KEC is committed to provide quality products that deliver to the customer’s satisfaction. Its products are manufactured in state-of-the-art plant and machinery factories under strict quality checks and supervision to ensure compliance to relevant standards and reliable cable service performance, Amol claims.

he informs, “The raw materials are sourced from reputed and approved vendors and only virgin materials are used for manufacturing of cables. The cables undergo strict quality check and tests – right from the raw material stage to in-process and finished cables stage.”

KEC has an in-house test laboratory equipped with testing facilities for all tests, which has been recommended for NABL accreditation, during the recently conducted NABL final assessment audit.

Lapp India
Lapp India is a supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. Marc Jarrault, Managing Director, Lapp India said, “Lapp offers wide range of control, instrumentation, power and data cables along with connectors, accessories and end to end systems, for customers across different industry segments. Pioneering innovation for different sectors and industry verticals is a significant driving force behind Lapp’s success.”

Lapp India’s latest products are:
OLFLEX SERVO 7DSL: A low capacitive hybrid servo cable
In the past, it was commonplace to link servo motors to the servo controller using a servo cable and a separate rotary encoder cable. Nowadays, there is a clear trend towards single-cable solutions with hybrid cables in place. At Lapp, we have tailored OLFLEX SERVO 7DSL to transfer both power and data. These cables transmit via one connection line between drive and the motor feedback system. With low-capacitance hybrid design and on being oil-resistant, these cables are suitable for use fixed installations, installations with occasional movements, power drive systems.

ETHERLINE ACCESS, the managed and unmanaged switches:
Lapp has also expanded its product range in other areas. In its ETHERLINE series range, Lapp has introduced ETHERLINE ACCESS, the managed and unmanaged switches that are high quality active network components for industrial ethernet systems. These were introduced to position Lapp as a reliable one-stop-shop for industrial network solutions, along with its cables, connectors, accessories, and assembly solutions.

These are industrial connectors that are ideal for OLFLEX special cables. They come with a multi frame design that is highly flexible by the use of any combination of inserts in one connector. These connectors are mateable as per the industry standards and can are suitable for robotic and switchgear applications.

With products like these we are re-thinking and re-defining the cable and connection technology, to meet the challenges of the future, Marc concludes.

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