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Electrification Prospering

Shubhadesh Mittal,
CEO, Systems & Services Power Controls

The government has announced several initiatives to revive the power sector since the time it has come into power. Briefing on whether these initiatives started delivering or not, Shubhadesh Mittal, CEO, Systems and Services Power Controls says, “Yes of course, the electrification in each and every field is prospering like never before. Solar energy field has progressed up as well on a tremendous note in turn leading to overall increase in industrial growth as a whole and leading to green nation. Railway electrification has geared up at a very fast pace. So, since the time govt has come to power, the things in the field of power sector are moving very fast thereby leading to all round growth of power. So there is no doubt at all that the initiatives have started delivering.”

Improving health of the industry
Sharing upon the major changes observed during the past one year as far as improving the health of the industry is concerned Mittal says, “Government is taking lot of initiatives to improve the health of industry as all the industries have got severely affected due to demonetisation and GST implementation. So, government in the past one year has given a lot of subsidies and schemes for improving the health of industry.”

Company’s performance
Briefing on the company’s performance Mittal says, “As the impact on health of industry was quite high due to demonetisation and GST implementation, the performance of our company was not up to the mark as was expected.”

He adds, “We are exploring multi faceated profile of business due to uncertainties in business arising day by day, mainly focussing on solar renewable and governmental business more.”

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