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Havells puts spotlight on PoE technology

Fast-moving electrical goods maker Havells is bullish on advanced Power over Ethernet technology as it helps to improve energy efficiency significantly, reports Subhajit Roy.

The lighting market in India is both growing and evolving at the same time. A massive population, increasing purchasing power and sustained government efforts at electrifying remaining un-electrified villages will continue to drive increasing demand for lighting in the foreseeable future. Decorative lighting, eco-friendly products, and recyclable products will grow to be strong demand drivers.

Havells, one of the market leaders in innovative lighting solutions, has augmented its lighting business maintaining a steadily growth rate in double-digit. According to Ajay Saraf, Business Head, Havells India Ltd, “Power over Ethernet (PoE) based innovative products that integrate facilities such as telephony, Internet, electricity, etc. through a single cable is an innovative solution that Havells is spearheading and this has the potential to cause significant transformation in the industry.”

Anil Bhasin, Sr. Vice President, Havells India Ltd adds, “Havells is spearheading innovations such as Power of Ethernet (POE), LED lighting solutions for indoor as well as outdoor requirements and practical automation features which are fast emerging as future growth drivers. Havells is therefore strategically placed to capitalise on emerging opportunities.”

Commenting on the steps taken to push the company’s lighting business, Saraf said, “We have enhanced our manufacturing capabilities from 5 lakh lamps to 25 lakh LED lamps per month to meet rising demands from individual households, the government and the industry as well. To bring futuristic innovations Havells has increased the investment in R&D and established strategic alliances with best technology players across globe.”

Havells LEDs lighting up North Delhi streets
LED being energy efficient delivers immense benefits by reducing energy consumption as well as minimising a municipality’s carbon footprint. In July 2017, Havells India bagged the contract from the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to convert over two lakh street and park lights in Delhi’s Rohini and Narela zones, with LED lights. Appraising on the status this project, Bhasin said, “NDMC project to replace all conventional street lightings with energy efficient LED, being executed by Havells is a step in the right direction.”

Havells has also set up a robust and accessible support system to take care of post installation maintenance. The company suggests for replicating NDMC model in other municipalities across the country.

To pull plug on CFLs
Havells plans to stop manufacturing and selling compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) products as it has already converted more than 80 per cent of its lighting products to deliver better efficiencies at lower cost to consumers, informs Bhasin. He adds, “With LED gaining ground on the basis of its inherent strengths, the CFL business had been effectively sidelined.” However, he observed, this does not mean the end of the road for CFL, at least not yet.

“CFL and to some extend even incandescent bulbs will co-exist for the time being. As LED technology develops further the less efficient incandescent bulbs and CFLs might eventually see the end of days, just when exactly that will happen in a matter of speculation at best,” Bhasin comments.

Futuristic solutions
Havells is also pioneering RGB lighting solutions, a technology that enables accurate
mimicking of natural light indoors. This intelligent lighting technology by Havells is the next big thing in lighting and along with automation features will transform the lighting experience while reducing cost and improving efficiency at the same time, informs Saraf.

As the world steadily moves away from conventional to renewable sources of energy, Havells intends to be a leading player in the market. “We are currently the only branded company offering rooftop solar products,” Saraf concludes.

Anil Bhasin, Sr. Vice President, Havells India Ltd

Ajay Saraf, Business Head, Havells India Ltd

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