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Pharox Apollo retrofit LED lamps for home use

NTL Lemnis has added another innovative product Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED bulb (18W) to its product portfolio. This innovative product is an ideal replacement of CFLs and ICLs bulbs that are used in various places in residences like living room, common hall, kitchen, etc. Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED bulb can be replaced in the existing bulb holders without any hassle.
The Pharox Apollo Retrofit 18W LED bulb is made of Polycarbonate and over moulded plastic which ensures reliability and durability. It’s clear illumination capacity and a superior heat sink helps in proper heat dissipation. This bulb is aesthetically pleasing with pure white colour and provides bright and clear light without any fluctuation and flickering. It has a colour temperature of 6500 K and a light output lumen of 1800lm/W.

“Keeping in mind, the different requirements for home lighting, yet another product Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED bulb (18W) has been added in the series of Apollo Retrofit LED bulbs. This series of LED bulbs is suitable for lighting up residences in the most aesthetic way. These come in different wattages, so as to ideally illuminate the different spaces in the house with optimal lighting” says Mr. Arun Gupta, MD, NTL Group.

The other features of the product include:

  • Luminescence: Light output of 1800 lumens for 18W
  • Colour temperature: Cool Daylight (6500K)
  • Beam angle: >120-degree
  • Product lifetime: Up to 25,000 hrs.

Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED bulb will be available across India at the MRP of Rs 495 for 18W.

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