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MECO Power Line Transducers offer precision and reliability for monitoring

September 4, 2023 1:44 pm

MECO Power Line Transducers offer precision and reliability for monitoring

MECO Power Line Transducers are designed using know-how from MICRO DENSHI CORPORATION, Japan. It is designed to comply with the requirements of IEC 688/EN 60688, EN 61010-1, EM 61326-1, and I.S. 12784 (Part 1). All MECO transducers pass through a stringent manufacturing and in-house quality control process consisting of vibration, burn-in, and calibration tests to ensure complete reliability and accuracy during continuous operation. It gives a load-independent and isolated DC output directly proportional to the input parameters.

MECO Transducers have different models of AC current and voltage, frequency, 1P and 3P (balanced or unbalanced systems for active and reactive power) (TRMS), power factor, DC isolation for voltage and current, and TAP position or OLTC type.

These transducers are widely used for automation and control of the power, as well as for local and remote monitoring of the electrical parameters at every stage of generation, transmission, and distribution. They are ideal for SCADA, energy management, telemetering, data logging, and central monitoring systems. Used in various industries like power utilities, railways, cement, steel, aluminium, chemicals, fertilisers, sugar, petrochemicals, etc.

Terminal Protection Cover, Reliable and Rugged Static Circuits, Low Ripple in Output Signal, Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Case, Open/Short Circuit Protection for Outputs, Din Rail Mounting, and Fast Response Time are key features of MECO Transducers.


Available with Choice of Multiple Asymmetrical Outputs, Bi-Directional Outputs, Bi-Directional Inputs for Import/Export, Wide Choice of Suppressed Ranges, and Auxiliary Supply with Self-Powered or SMPS are additional features.

For details, please visit our website: www.mecoinst.com

Email: sales@mecoinst.com

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