Shift to sustainability boosts T&M instruments demand

Advanced T&M tools are essential for integrating renewables into the grid and developing smart grids. India’s power sector shift towards sustainability has impacted the demand for test and measurement (T&M)…

Shift to sustainability and T&M business

India’s power sector is undergoing a sustainable shift, driving demand for transformation. India’s power sector is undergoing a remarkable shift towards sustainability, and this transformation is significantly impacting the industry’s…

Thermal cameras aid in stabilising power systems and uniform pricing

The investment is essential for designing and manufacturing new thermal detectors and for iteratively updating and upgrading core imaging and temperature measurement technologies.

Solutions for T&M industry to improve product performance

IRay Technology focuses on developing infrared imaging technologies, R&D and manufacturing of related products.

Fluke steps up in solar solutions, acquiring T&M leader Solmetric

Fluke Corporation, a subsidiary of Fortive Corporation and a prominent global leader in test and measurement instruments, has recently made a significant acquisition.

Testo 883 thermal imaging camera for advanced predictive maintenance at plant level

Testo 883 thermal images offer advanced assistance for those who work in predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and facility management. Measuring technology expert Testo is offering efficient assistance to its customers…

MECO Power Line Transducers offer precision and reliability for monitoring

MECO Power Line Transducers are designed using know-how from MICRO DENSHI CORPORATION, Japan. It is designed to comply with the requirements of IEC 688/EN 60688, EN 61010-1, EM 61326-1, and I.S.…

MECO Solar Power Meter (Model: 936):enhancing solar power measurement & assessment

The MECO Solar Power Meter (Model: 936) is a portable Meter used for measuring Solar Power or Solar Irradiance. It uses a high-sensitivity silicon photodiode to measure Solar Power (illuminance).…

FLIR unveils Premium E8 Pro Edition for Thermography

Enhanced optics, touchscreen, and FLIR Ignite Cloud enable efficient detection of electrical, building, and mechanical issues. Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, recently announced the FLIR E8 Pro, providing…

KUSAM-MECO expands its TRMS and digital infrared thermometer product range

KUSAM MECO’s Digital Multimeter – MODEL – KM 2807CSE features several special functions that enhance its usability and versatility. These include VFD-AC Voltage measurement, VFD-Hz measurement, Hi/Lo EF Detection for…

MECO CLAMP-ON TRMS power meter for critical power audits and system maintenance

MECO Clamp-On TRMS Power Meter (Model: 3510PHW-AUTO) is a state-of-the-art Versatile Instrument using Micro Controller Technology and has various functions that would be ideal for an inspector/service engineer to carry…

MECO “transformer turns ratio metre model: TTR-8100”

The transformer is a very important element in the electric power distribution system. It needs to be maintained from time to time so that the power distribution system can be…

Anritsu expands its T&M product range for efficient signal tester and frequency analysers

Anritsu’s expanded Field MasterTM MS2080A and Pulse Radar Measurement Function MX284059B software bring unmatched measurement capabilities in pulse measurement. Anritsu Company, a leading test and measurement equipment provider, has extended…

MECO NCVD-1000S: Non-Contact Voltage Detector for Troubleshooting

The MECO Non-Contact Voltage Detector (Model: NCVD-1000S) is useful to quickly and easily detect the presence of voltage while troubleshooting. The built-in sensors detect the presence of voltage. When the…

Enhancing power efficiency and safety in India’s energy transition

With the increasing global population, power demand has become essential to meet the consumption needs of various industries and commercial and residential sectors. Testo has introduced new instrumentation technology that…

Rishabh Instruments innovates in solar inverters, testing & measuring instruments, and power automation

Rishabh Instruments operates across five markets and is committed to developing innovative technologies in each vertical. They are actively working towards improving energy efficiency and power quality by measuring various…

Smart monitoring and calibration equipment is the need of the hour

Kusam Electrical is currently focusing on several new products, like power transmitters for ACU meters, AC and DC circuits, and earth resistance testers clusters that are primarily suitable for 3…

India’s energy equipment business to double by 2028

Meco Instruments has always been a patron of ELECRAMA. Participated in all 15 editions and saw the show grow. Meco Instruments demonstrated its dedication to energy efficiency through its monitoring…

Why thermal imaging cameras with smart sensors for the power sector?

ELECRAMA 2023 has always offered great opportunities by serving a potential market to the power sector, utilities and allied businesses. “We took this event platform to unveil our two products-…

Smart grid sensors are key to effective condition monitoring

Nilesh Joshi, General Manager of Sales at Megger India, briefly describes the technical features of their cutting-edge cable fault location solutions with proven safety for underground cable networks.  How are…

Portable thermal cameras add ease to power systems maintenance

We have developed smart inspection systems based on the application characteristics of the power system to maximise the effect and efficiency of power equipment detection, says Aaron Yu, Product Manager IRay. How…

Monitoring harmonic levels are critical for transformer efficiency

When emphasising the necessity of maintaining transformer efficiency, Prabhakaran P.V., Product Management Head at Fluke India, emphasises that overloading and harmonic circumstances can heat network components and cables, further degrading…

Infrared thermal cameras improve transformer utility performance

Highlighting the efficiency of T&M instruments, TP Singh, Sr. Sales Director at Teledyne FLIR, discusses the need to maintain an ambient temperature in high-voltage electrical systems and utility transformers. How…

Kusam Meco to introduce an array of T&M solutions at ELECRAMA

In an interview with EPR Magazine, Navin Goliya, Director of Kusam Meco Import Export Pvt. Ltd., discusses the latest testing and measuring equipment’s effects on the performance and health of…

Testo to exhibit a range of thermal imagers at ELECRAMA

We have devices that can perform complete preventive maintenance on a substation and other power equipment. At ELECRAMA, we will display our entire T&M products and solutions. How are advanced…

Testo 883 thermal imagers with super-resolution infrared technology

Measuring technology expert Testo is offering efficient assistance to its customers involved in predictive maintenance and facility management, in the form of the new thermal imager Testo 883. This thermal…

Thermal cameras in power maintenance

This article highlights the key features of the thermal camera and its multiple advantages. Distribution System Monitoring With the rapid development of the power industry, the power load increases yearly.…

Rigorous testing will help monitor planned shutdown minimising downtime

Advanced monitoring and control systems that can be used to monitor and manage large power grids are a need. Another trend is the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in…

The demand for AI and IoT in the T&M sector is trending

The global energy sector is undergoing rapid changes, particularly in the area of new energy, where there is an increase in the use of solar, wind (including offshore wind), and…

PX1 enables Power System Security Routine Inspection

Application Background The operating status of electric devices directly affects the operational security and efficiency of power systems. Regular inspection and fault  diagnosis of the operating  status of electric devices…

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