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Advanced self-diagnostic switchgear energises efficient grid integration

June 26, 2023 1:22 pm

Advanced self-diagnostic switchgear energises efficient grid integration

Advanced switchgear enables digitalised & sustainable power, enabling the smart grids to transform energy optimisation vividly.

The inefficiency of existing switchgear infrastructure remains challenging in strengthening India’s grid stability and resilience, says Anil Saboo, Chairman & Managing Director of Elektrolites Power.

How is advanced switchgear revolutionising the Indian electricity landscape in the era of smart grids and digitalisation?

Advanced switchgear is a device that protects and controls electrical circuits in power grids. They are essential for ensuring reliable and efficient power supply, especially in the era of smart grids and digitalisation. Smart grids are networks that use digital technologies to monitor and manage electricity demand, generation, and distribution. Digitalisation is using data and analytics to optimise the performance and operation of power grids. It helps reduce losses, enhance customer service, and enable new business models.

Therefore, advanced switchgear is required to revolutionise the Indian electricity landscape by enabling a transition from conventional to modern digitalised power grids that are more intelligent, resilient, and sustainable.

Which safety aspects do they offer in identifying and curbing the breakdown frequency and faults?

One of the main benefits of using predictive maintenance systems is that they can improve the safety of the equipment and the workers. Predictive maintenance systems can monitor the condition and performance of the equipment and detect any signs of deterioration or malfunction. By identifying and curbing breakdown frequency and faults, predictive maintenance systems can prevent accidents, injuries, and damages resulting from equipment failure. Predictive maintenance systems can also reduce the need for frequent inspections and repairs, which can expose workers to hazardous situations. Therefore, predictive maintenance systems can enhance the safety aspects of industrial operations and increase the reliability and efficiency of the system.

What are the challenges and opportunities in adopting advanced switchgear technologies to enable intelligent energy management and enhance grid resilience in India?


The existing switchgear infrastructure is often outdated, inefficient, and prone to failure. This poses a challenge for ensuring grid stability and resilience in the face of natural disasters, cyberattacks, and climate change. To address this challenge, India must adopt well-designed, advanced smart switchgear that can communicate with other devices, monitor grid conditions, and perform self-diagnosis and self-healing functions.

However, some challenges need to be overcome, such as the high initial cost and maintenance of advanced switchgear technologies compared to conventional ones. Lack of skilled workforce and technical expertise to operate and maintain advanced switchgear technologies.

How is smart switchgear contributing to energy savings, reduced losses, and improved power quality for businesses and consumers across India?

Technologies like auto-reclosers help improve power availability by automatically isolating faulty sections without human intervention. The activity, which would take a team of professionals and linemen and countless hours, is now being done within seconds by the reclosers. Moreover, they are equipped to evaluate the types of various faults and issues on the line and act smartly. This saves huge workforce costs and time.

How is India leveraging advanced switchgear solutions to accelerate its Journey towards a Greener, cleaner, and more resilient power infrastructure?

Switchgear solutions help to prevent faults, minimise losses, and optimise efficiency. Advanced switchgear solutions use innovative technologies such as smart sensors, digital communication, and automation to enhance the performance and reliability of power networks. Advanced switchgear solutions reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve power quality and stability, increase safety and security by detecting and isolating faults, and lower operational and maintenance costs by providing real-time data and remote monitoring.

Some leading providers of advanced switchgear solutions in India are Elektrolites Power, Neptune India, Panasonic Life Solutions India, and Advance Panel. They also undertake EPC contracts for turnkey projects involving power system design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. By leveraging advanced switchgear solutions, India can achieve its energy goals while ensuring a sustainable future for its people and the planet.

For more details, visit: https://elektrolites.com/

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