Public-private partnerships are crucial in advancing the switchgear industry

Knowledge sharing between sectors optimises maintenance strategies, leveraging private sector expertise and public sector insights.

Smart switchgear enabling real-time monitoring of electrical network

The switchgears have the capability to integrate renewable energy sources into the grid, creating a more diverse and distributed energy system. Public-private collaboration is driving widespread electrification, while energy storage…

HPL actively contributes to India’s inclusivity in power

The integration of advanced monitoring and control features in smart grids enables real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance, and remote diagnostics of switchgear components. In the dynamic landscape of power distribution,…

Global LVSG market forecasts modest recovery 3 percent revenue growth from 2024 onward

A study by Research and Market explores opportunities profiling key players in the global Low Voltage Switchgear (LVSG) market landscape. In 2022, the global LVSG market experienced a marginal growth…

Innovative materials in switchgear to boost sustainability and efficiency in distribution

Collaborating with governing bodies to establish guidelines for energy efficiency standards in switchgear equipment motivates manufacturers to produce greener products.

Switchgear industry success relies on a skilled workforce and investments

As the power sector experiences increasing investments to meet growing energy demands and environmental concerns, the role of a skilled switchgear workforce becomes paramount in ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

ABB India is enhancing Gas-insulated Switchgear (GIS) manufacturing with its state-of-the-art Nashik factory

Efficient power equipment manufacturing stabilises the energy grid infrastructure, says Sanjeev Sharma and Ganesh Kothawade of ABB India.  How has the power equipment industry evolved technologically over the past two…

Switchgear technologies are set to revolutionise Indian grids

Experts across the switchgear industry collaborate to evaluate the integration of advanced switchgear enables intelligent energy management and seamless integration with renewable energy sources are driving the transformation towards a…

Advanced self-diagnostic switchgear energises efficient grid integration

“Advanced switchgear enables digitalised & sustainable power, enabling the smart grids to transform energy optimisation vividly.“ The inefficiency of existing switchgear infrastructure remains challenging in strengthening India’s grid stability and…

New-age sustainable switchgear to upscale power quality

The reliable and safe operation of power grids and substations is critical to ensuring the efficient and uninterrupted delivery of electricity to homes, businesses, and industries. This feature story delves…

Smart energy storage balances supply and demand, reducing grid stress

Ripunjay Parikh of Eaton Electrical Sector India, in an interview with EPR Magazine, stresses innovating high-efficiency, intelligent power solutions for upgrading distribution systems. How have the Indian government’s policies and…

IEDs and SF6 ensure quality power management with sustainability

Eaton’s ‘Xiria’ medium-voltage switchgear product family provides a sustainable answer to important modern-day and future energy challenges, highlights Debasish Banerji, Director – Sales & Service, Eaton Electrical Sector, India. What…

Two megatrends in technology are energy transition and Digitalisation

Renewable energy in India is going through a massive transition. The industry is witnessing trends like the solar side of TVs and Linux production solutions, which are very encouraging shares.…

Cost and availability of electronic products are impacting project deadlines

“Our best-in-class products are at the cutting edge of medium-voltage design and innovation, providing switching, protection, and automation solutions with reliability, safety, and value built-in as standard. Could you tell…

Smart, sustainable switchgear can turn utilities profitable

Switchgear is commonly found throughout electric utility transmission and distribution systems and in medium to large-sized commercial or industrial facilities. Standards for electrical switchgear are defined by IEEE/ IEC/ GB…

Kiran Dutt appointed as Vice Chairman for IEEMA’s LV Switchgears Division

Kiran is presently the President of ABB India’s Electrification Business, and his appointment at IEEMA will further strengthen IEEMA’s foundation in the Switchgears industry. Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association…

Rapid urbanisation, new energy mix will drive switchgears market

Gautam Seth, Joint Managing Director, HPL Electricals Pvt. Ltd., in an interview with EPR Magazine. Energy trends impacting switchgears market Switchgear is a phrase used to describe equipment that regulates,…

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