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CHINT sets new benchmarks for switchgear excellence and electrical safety 

August 25, 2023 11:44 am

CHINT sets new benchmarks for switchgear excellence and electrical safety 

We plan to consistently build electrical gadgets with high levels of protection that can resist harsh and dusty operation situations, says Nitheen Nataraja, Director of Sales & Marketing at CHINT India.

How do Indian switchgear products meet performance standards, including metrics like interrupting capacity, insulation voltage, and short-circuit ratings?

The performance standards are driven by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, which define the performance requirements for switchgear products. CHINT products are fully compliant with and even exceed the requirements of IEC standards specific to various applications. Not only for Indian requirements but CHINT products are also type-tested for European requirements of UL standards. This will help many customers who export electrical solutions from India to the European market.

What are the standard switchgear failure modes in India? Which strategies are the manufacturers adopting to obtain reliability in harsh conditions?

Lack of switchgear maintenance, unskilled operators, and inaccurate selection criteria are the major causes of switchgear failures in India. CHINT has switchgear solutions with an optional condition monitoring feature, which helps the operator know the actual running status and evaluate the life of any switchgear. This condition monitoring feature helps the operators plan maintenance before any abnormal breakdown occurs. CHINT products are designed with high protection, allowing them to survive and last long in harsh and dusty operating conditions.

What are the benefits of switchgear remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and enhanced energy management?


The switchgear industry is slowly moving from traditional manual operation towards smart operation, which includes remote operation or monitoring switchgear performances. CHINT switchgear is entitled to various communication capabilities that help them monitor and operate from remote places or sometimes even without any operator. To help plan the maintenance and enhance switchgear life, CHINT Solutions has an optional predictive maintenance feature that helps the maintenance personnel analyse the operating conditions and reasons for faults and schedule planned maintenance to avoid any breakdowns.

How are the manufacturers complying with standards to prevent electrical hazards and malfunctions?

CHINT, being a global switchgear and electrical products manufacturer, pays much attention to eliminating electrical hazards and malfunctions. Products manufactured by CHINT comply with all the safety standards defined by the local country, which include a higher degree of protection against touching live terminals, maintaining adequate clearance and creepage distances, and safety interlocks. These help eliminate faults caused by unskilled operators. Also, the products are type-tested along with stringent factory testing, which helps the products perform efficiently and reduces the possibility of product failure during operations.

What steps were taken to reduce the environmental footprint: eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, responsible end-of-life disposal?

CHINT takes a lot of initiative and continues its efforts towards carbon emissions and eco-friendly low-voltage electrical products. CHINT is the first ever manufacturer from China to produce low-carbon emission products.

DEKRA, the world’s leading third-party inspection and testing certification organisation, issued the carbon footprint verification certificate for CHINT’s three major electrical products. This recognition from an international certification organisation has highlighted CHINT’s mission and responsibility in green energy development. This has laid a solid foundation for further expanding overseas, especially in the Indian and European markets. 

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