Panasonic spearheads digital transition with innovative Uno+ switchgear

The UNO Plus range is backed with the highest-ever 7-year warranty, being offered for the first time in India on MCBs (0.5A to 63A). Apart from this, it has numerous…

Vertiv doubles manufacturing capacity of switchgear

More than 1,000 new production jobs added since Vertiv acquired E+I Engineering in November 2021. Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, announced that the company…

Intensified R&D efforts essential for switchgear manufacturers

At the same time, innovations for efficiency, IoT integration, renewables support, compliance, and skilled workforce enhance the industry’s role.

Smart solutions for resilient grids

As the energy landscape evolves, Lucy Electric pioneers reliability through advanced smart solutions and sustainable practices, says Ajith Kumar Kesavan, Business Development Director, Asia-Renewables, Lucy Electric Pvt. Ltd. How is…

Advanced switchgear spark transformative grid electrification shift

According to Vivek Yadav, Executive Vice President of Havells, improved switchgear enables a dramatic shift in India’s electrical sector, aligning with smart grids and digitalisation. How is advanced switchgear revolutionising…

CHINT sets new benchmarks for switchgear excellence and electrical safety 

We plan to consistently build electrical gadgets with high levels of protection that can resist harsh and dusty operation situations, says Nitheen Nataraja, Director of Sales & Marketing at CHINT…

Innovations in HV switchgear thriving India’s energy revolution

“By investing in modern and reliable HV switchgear technologies like hybrid and GIS, power companies can enhance the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of their power system.“ India’s growing energy demands…

NEWTECH: Leading in quality LT switchgear with MCBs

NEWTECH, established in 1998, has emerged as a leading manufacturer specialising in various electrical products such as Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Distribution Boards (DBs), Isolators, RCCB Main Switches, and more.…

ABB India to double its Gas Insulate Switchgear production capacity for smart power distribution

ABB India opens a new, cutting-edge facility in Nashik to double its ability to produce gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). The factory produces main and secondary GIS and serves clients in a…

Expansion in IoT-enabled switchgear is one of our objectives in 2023

In an exclusive interview with EPR Magazine, Panasonic’s Yogesh Verma elaborates on its expansion goals while describing the market’s potential to grow exponentially in India. How is the Indian switchgear…

Digitalisation has simplified operating practices in switchgear maintenance

Digital switchgear is meeting the industry’s need for bi-directional power flow to accommodate renewable energy sources in the network, says Ajithkumar Kesavan, Director – Sales, Lucy Electric. How are switchgear…

Securing power stability with cutting-edge switchgear and storage systems

Innovations in storage systems for the electricity sector are a crucial step towards decreasing the stress on the power distribution system, eliminating the peak demands to a significant amount, and…

Transition in consumer behaviour encapsulates the switchgear business

According to Nitheen Nataraja, Director of Sales and Marketing at Chint India, “technological innovation, renewable energy deployment, new energy regulations, and changed consumer behaviour is driving major trends that will…

Digitalisation and green technologies are driving the switchgear demand in smart cities

The Indian switchgear market is projected to grow with the increasing urbanisation, modernisation, and population. Moreover, the transformations associated with smart cities are further fuelling the demand for advanced and…

Benefits of uniting panel builders under COSMA leadership

Cosma membership grew by 25 percent during this pandemic, which saw this approach of generic hostility amongst competitors transform into a healthy collaboration. Covid struck, and various businesses were affected…

IoT-enabled switchgear is crucial for electrical safety

How are energy trends and the ever-increasing demand for power impacting switchgear quality? Infrastructure projects in the country, such as constructing new airports, IT parks, urban metros, and smart cities, have…

RS PRO: Private label brand for value proposition, by RS Group

RS Group, the global distributor for engineers launched RS PRO to create a single verifying proposition for its private label product range. The RS Pro brand range of more than…

High-voltage products can reduce transmission losses

When solar energy and energy storage devices work together, the quantity of power drawn from the grid may be reduced, and customer profits can rise. How are energy trends affecting…

Energy transition and digitalisation are transforming the power sector

In an exclusive interaction with EPR Magazine, Eaton highlights its products’ key features that make them more competent in the market. How are energy trends impacting the energy equipment and…

MCCBs for HV solar applications will reduce the operating cost of utility

“Our products are designed to provide circuit protection even in extreme conditions.” – Nitheen Nataraja – Director of Sales & Marketing, CHINT India Energy Solution Private Limited. In an interview with…

Digitalisation and localisation are driving the secondary switchgear market

Ajith Kumar Kesavan, Business Development, Director Asia – Renewables, Lucy Electric India Pvt Ltd. In an interview with EPR Magazine. Discussing the impacts of digitalisation in the electrical sector, Ajith…

Ensuring power quality in substation with new generation switchgears

Ripunjay M Parikh, Director Sales, Power Distribution, Eaton India. In an interview with EPR Magazine. For the industry to function, it requires a high quality, stable power supply. Furthermore, Eaton’s…

Modernisation of power distribution assets with Smart Retrofit

This article briefly discuss the technical aspects of switchgear and IoT enabled smart retrofits to deal with frequent machine downtime and offer efficient power distribution Present Scenario  Power distribution is…

Demand for switchgears will be fuelled by renewable energy

The environmental condition is a crucial factor that has to be considered before installing electrical devices, which include switchgear. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the switchgear industry globally. Due…

Reliable, interconnected switchgear are critical for long-term power infrastructure

Piyush Garg, Director of Balaji Switchgears in an interview with EPR Magazine. What is the current market size of the distribution switchgear market? What is the growth trend? Indian Switchgear…

Advanced switchgear technologies to enable smart global manufacturing mission

Switchgears are generally classified as low-voltage, medium-voltage, and high-voltage based on their usage within power generation, transmission, and distribution. There are attributes in terms of compactness, high fault capacity, hybrid…

Panasonic intend to expand and strengthen its presence worldwide

Highlighting the characteristics of Panasonic’s recently launched Uno Plus range of switchgears, Yogesh Verma, Business Unit Head of Switchgear, Panasonic Life Solutions India shares his optimism on expanding their customer…

Smart switchgear solutions for T&D systems

The leading switchgear manufacturers are focusing on smart and sustainable products for making transmission and distribution systems efficient and safe in future.. Switchgears play a critical part in the power…

CM94 clamp meter: To tackle high-current measurements

The CM94 clamp meter is designed to tackle high-current measurements in demanding utility and industrial job sites. Its oversized, 55 mm jaw can securely clamp around conductor wires and bus…

Switchgear monitoring management: To keep the switches on

Industry experts discuss how important it is to have condition monitoring of switchgears and its solutions. Switchgear’s operation condition is very important for system reliability. To detect any defects in…

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