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Expansion in IoT-enabled switchgear is one of our objectives in 2023

February 11, 2023 2:23 pm

Expansion in IoT-enabled switchgear is one of our objectives in 2023

In an exclusive interview with EPR Magazine, Panasonic’s Yogesh Verma elaborates on its expansion goals while describing the market’s potential to grow exponentially in India.
How is the Indian switchgear industry faring in the global energy market?
With increased urbanisation and industrialisation, the Indian switchgear market is expected to rise in tandem with growing power demand in the coming years. Furthermore, the requirement for smart appliances to ensure the system’s long-term viability has increased demand for safe and energy-efficient switchgear. This year, the market will be further driven by a robust corporate climate and increased infrastructure.
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How are switchgear innovating with the increasing demand for constant power supply?
India’s energy needs have increased significantly as economic activity has resumed post-COVID. Further, rapid urbanisation and industrial growth have always been constant factors that lead to increased power demand year after year. According to a statement by the Power Ministry, India’s peak power demand in 2022 hit a new record of 210,793 MW recently.
With the increase in demand for constant power supply, there is a need for safe and reliable power. The penetration of the internet in the power sector through IOT and cloud-based technology has increased the operational efficiency of utilities. The digitalisation of switchgear with advanced software not only protects the systems from potential cyber threats but also increases the effectiveness of the power system. Real-time monitoring data provides critical information to find issues and reduce downtime while providing operational benefits proactively.
Which maintenance activities are being followed to enhance the safety and reliability of switchgear?
Panasonic consistently prioritises consumer convenience and employee safety while creating and developing new products.
Numerous measures are being implemented to improve the quality of circuit protection switchgear through positive feedback systems from end users and channel partners. Panasonic’s quality standards are also reviewed and upgraded periodically to ensure failure-free products. Most of the products are RoHS compliant to reduce the burden of hazardous substances. Most of the IS standards have been revised as per IEC guidelines, further enhancing the product’s functionality as per global standards. We strongly believe in zero defects, and our approach to the 6-Sigma quality level has resulted in year-on-year stronger growth with a consistent reduction in market quality losses.
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What policy changes and financial allocations do you expect in the union budget for 2023?
The union budget for FY 2022-23 was renewable energy friendly. It was focused on encouraging domestic production of clean energy—solar equipment, EV batteries, and EV vehicles in India.
In the 2023 budget, the government can expect to release tax incentive schemes for implementing Industry 4.0. The government will likely implement and enforce mandatory renewable energy usage for all manufacturing units of a specified capacity to use both clean energy and non-renewable power. We also anticipate a lower input tax on ECM material, allowing us to produce high-quality LV SWG products at significantly lower prices.
How can switchgear contribute to adding and enhancing efficiency in energy management and energy efficiency?
The first energy efficiency and management criterion is a commitment to energy savings. Our switchgear portfolio comprises a wide range of MCB, Isolators, RCCB, Changeover Switches, MCCB, and Distribution Boards. These products are designed for low watt losses compared to the prescribed IS standard limits. In addition to saving power, it aids in the reduction of electrical power consumption and, in turn, reduces monthly electricity bills.
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What are your plans for 2023?
Convenience for customers and safety for personnel are always key objectives while designing and developing new products at Panasonic Life Solutions.
The vast network of devices that operate in our residences, offices, or industries and communicate and interact with each other affects our daily lives. These devices include smart sensors, monitoring devices, and home automation that evaluate, monitor and control various aspects of our daily lives. We are also keen to work on new concepts for our LV switchgear.
Additionally, we are working on high-rated MCBs, DC MCBs, and auxiliary products and expanding our industrial range of products.
For more details visit: https://lsin.panasonic.com/

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