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Power sector expansion drives robust demand for wires and cables

November 1, 2023 7:11 pm

Power sector expansion drives robust demand for wires and cables

Strict adherence to industry standards, streamlined manufacturing processes, and quality control are necessary to create durable, high-performance wires and cables.

How can the wires & cables industry stakeholders develop more energy-efficient and durable products to meet the growing energy demands?

Wires and cable industry stakeholders can enhance product efficiency and durability through several strategies. These include investing in R&D for innovative materials, adopting sustainable manufacturing methods, using HV and EHV cables for long-distance power transmission, and prioritising fire-resistant cables. Additionally, they should embrace fibre optic technology, collaborate with energy efficiency experts, implement smart monitoring systems, and improve insulation and conductivity. Effective product lifecycle management and energy conservation practices are essential to adhering to regulatory standards. Educating consumers and stakeholders about energy-efficient products is essential to meet growing energy demands while reducing environmental impact.

What strategies can makers of wires and cables employ to ensure their products are compatible with evolving smart grid and IoT technologies while maintaining high reliability?

Wire and cable manufacturers must adopt strategies such as advanced communication protocols, smart grid-compatible materials, enhanced data transmission, cybersecurity, and IoT compatibility testing to integrate with the smart grid effectively. These measures ensure reliable electricity delivery.

Manufacturers should also collaborate with utilities, invest in R&D, build key partnerships, and establish a strong brand identity for success in the smart grid and IoT markets.

What methods can wires and cables manufacturers use to optimise their products to integrate renewable energy sources?

Renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro demand specific considerations from wires and cable manufacturers to optimise their products for integration. These include enhancing efficiency by minimising resistance and utilising high-conductivity materials, ensuring heat resistance through specialised insulation, and prioritising durability against environmental elements.

Flexibility in design, environmental sustainability through eco-friendly materials, and customisation for diverse energy sources are key factors. Additionally, innovation in insulation and conductor materials is crucial for improved performance and safety. By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources into existing infrastructures, guaranteeing superior performance and sustainability.

How can wires and cable manufacturers ensure their products’ safety, sustainability, and competitiveness?

Manufacturers of wires and cables can ensure the safety, sustainability, and competitiveness of their products in the face of changing regulations and heightened environmental concerns by adopting several key strategies:

• Complying with evolving regulations. Adopting environmentally friendly materials to reduce the carbon footprint.

• Developing energy-efficient products.

• Prioritising safety standards and product compliance.


• Investing in durable, long-lasting products.

• Embracing innovative technologies for enhanced safety and efficiency.

• Establishing recycling programs for responsible disposal.

• Adapting products for integration with renewable energy sources.

• Ensuring transparency and clear communication.

• Collaborating with relevant organisations.

• Investing in employee education and training.

• Engaging with customers to meet evolving needs.

• Fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

• Seeking industry certifications to showcase commitment to safety and sustainability.

By implementing these strategies, wire and cable manufacturers can adapt to changing regulations and environmental concerns and thrive in an increasingly competitive market by offering safer, more sustainable, and technologically advanced products.

How do the increasing investments in the power sector align with the growing need for a skilled workforce to enhance the durability of products in the wires and cables industry?

The power sector’s growth drives the demand for skilled professionals in the wires and cables industry to enhance product durability. A skilled workforce fosters innovation, research, and quality control, ensuring reliable and eco-friendly products. Targeted training keeps them updated on technology and industry practices for dependable power infrastructure.

SpokespersonMs. Virali Shah, Head- Client Acquisition, WAA Cables

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