Navigating RE surge for a sustainable future

India’s wire and cable businesses are experiencing significant transformation, influenced by the shift to renewable energy and initiatives such as the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) and the Deen Dayal…

Your choice of the right cable matters  

There is a noticeable shift from conventional wiring to more advanced options like HRFR, HFFR and FRLS-H compounds. As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India is undergoing a significant…

We complement smart electricity with innovative cable solutions

The company invests in research and development to create products that support renewable energy sources and promote energy conservation. WAA Cables is a pioneering force in the energy sector, excelling…

KEI Greenfield capex to surge to ₹1000 Cr over next 3 years

The company is further strengthening its product wire and cable portfolio for segments such as oil and gas, infrastructure, solar, wind, power transmission and distribution projects, agriculture and EVs.

Power sector expansion drives robust demand for wires and cables

Strict adherence to industry standards, streamlined manufacturing processes, and quality control are necessary to create durable, high-performance wires and cables. How can the wires & cables industry stakeholders develop more…

Navigating the cable challenges in India’s electrical infrastructure

In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s electrical sector, regulatory standards are sparking a revolution. The evolving regulatory standards in the Indian electrical sector have several impacts on the manufacturing and…

Latest regulations transforming the Indian wire and cable industry

Sustainability transforms the Indian cable industry with eco-friendly materials, green production, and recycling initiatives. In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s electrical industry, regulatory standards, material choices, and technological advancements are…

KEI to set up greenfield projects worth ₹1000 Crores in India

Anil Gupta, Director of KEI Industries, announces a ₹1000 crore investment for Greenfield CapEx to fulfil rising wire and cable demand. The company’s focus on niche divisions and worldwide expansion…

Revolutionising smart city energy infrastructure with sustainable cables

Integration of advanced technologies and sustainable materials in cables further improves power quality through reliable infrastructure, says Vinay Rathi, Director of Gloster Cables Limited. How are these advanced cables ensuring…

Cables that enable sustainable energy

Wire and cable business leaders underline the need to deliver high-quality power while remaining environmentally friendly. The discussion also focuses on using innovative technology and environmentally friendly materials to reduce…

Pushing sustainability and safety in wires and cables through social governance

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and safety is evident in the products we offer and the projects we have contributed to, spanning multiple sectors and regions. We are proud to…

Polycab’s IGNIS Fire Survival Cables are ideal to address fire safety requirements

Polycab currently holds approximately 22-24 percent of the market share in the organised wires and cables market. Our product offerings include Cables, Wires, Smart Home Automation, Lighting, Fans, Switches, Switchgear,…

Raising the standards of wires and cables for a safe power supply

The Union Budget serves as the cornerstone and roadmap for the “Amrit Kaal” economy for the next 25 years, emphasising research and development for burgeoning industries, eco-friendly solutions, and technological…

Ongoing energy transition will open multiple business opportunities

Waa Cables has been awarded “Vyapaar Ratna”, and “Best Product of the Year – 2022″ in the Wires and Cables Category by Vyapaar Jagat. “Honouring industry leadership, it reflects the company’s commitment towards the…

Green wires and cables are inevitable for a sustainable future

ELECRAMA is India’s largest event for the electrical industry, where Indian and international customers and key decision-makers come under one roof. We are consistently participating in ELECRAMAs, and every time…

APAR Industries to launch ‘Telecom Solutions’ at ELECRAMA 2023

On the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, the government has set a new aim of becoming “energy independent” by 2047. “This objective is further supported by the Indian Electrical and…

APAR Anushakti Wires; futureproofing safety for 50 years

APAR Anushakti Wires’ future-proofing Indian homes for the next 50 years APAR Industries releases its second TV commercial, this time highlighting the 50-year durability of its wires. APAR Industries Limited…

APAR showcased its innovations at the CRU Wire & Cable 2022

India based, APAR Industries Limited was recently invited to CRU Wire & Cable 2022, a conference held in London, England. This is for the first time an Indian company has…

Green cables reinforce sustainable power distribution

Abhilash Kamani, Executive Director of Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited in an interview with EPR Magazine, discussed the importance of green cables and sustainable technologies. Highlights the emergence of LSOH wires…

Power stability can be controlled by high-voltage power cables

Insulation will deteriorate due to high-voltage stress or ozone electric potential discharges, regardless of where high voltage electric cables are used. When you see a warning sign outside a transformer,…

Engineering safety embedded HV, MV and LV power cables with RHINO

GPIL has regularly designed, produced and supplied the HV cables and HYBRID HV cables embedded with optical fibre cables placed at one of the interstices. Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited (GPIL),…

Demand for fire-retardant and fire-resistant cables is thriving in India

Discussing the significance of safety-critical installations in the electrical and power sector, leading wires and cable providers explored various aspects to alter the safety outlook by promoting fire-retardant and halogen-free…

We foresee huge demand for Mica-based insulating materials in the future

Ankit Bagaria, Director, Ruby Mica Co. Ltd. In an Interview with EPR Magazine. Discussing the demand trends for Mica products in the cables and wires market, Ankit Bagaria shares his…

Compliance concerns to slowdown adoption of green wires & cables

Discussing the importance of installing safe and quality cables with EPR Magazine, Bhushan Sawhney, Polycab, and Arvind Agarwal, Havells emphasises the need to increase awareness of the vitality of sustainable…

Industry seeks encouragement domestic manufacturing, and sustainable wires and cables

With the advent of governments push for smart cities and instilling digital technologies in almost every industry, the cables and wires players are hopeful of meeting the criterion to elevate…

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