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Testo to exhibit a range of thermal imagers at ELECRAMA

February 9, 2023 12:04 pm

Testo to exhibit a range of thermal imagers at ELECRAMA

We have devices that can perform complete preventive maintenance on a substation and other power equipment. At ELECRAMA, we will display our entire T&M products and solutions.
How are advanced T&M instruments adding efficiency to power equipment performance?
To ensure the smooth functioning of power equipment, the electrical and mechanical components must operate at an ideal temperature and avoid overheating. For example, overheating is an after-effect of overloading the components, which could cause circuit damage, breakdown, or uneven power distribution, resulting in energy waste and, eventually, economic losses. Facility inspectors often struggle with power losses, cuts, and accidents. To avoid these unfortunate circumstances, the importance of maintenance is cited, and here is where T&M instruments come into play. They ensure the longevity and efficiency of various power electronic components that control and regulate the flow of electrical energy and are vital for desired operation output.
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What measures have you taken to ensure optimum power and electrical safety through your T&M products?
We have products that can help complete preventive maintenance on a substation and other equipment like transformers, circuit breakers, CTs, PTs, isolators, transmission lines, distribution panels, switchgear, etc. Our products range from thermal imagers, which help you identify electrical hot spots, to electrical monitoring instruments like multimeters and voltage testers for troubleshooting.
Thermal imagers have also been effective in maintaining electrical power plants by conducting thermal inspections. Testo’s measuring instruments come in handy before and during these circumstances. As we already know, a faltering infrastructure is not a recipe for the successful operation of any industry, factory, or domestic or commercial facility. Testing and measurement come to the rescue. Testo’s instruments are easy to use and offer reliable and precise measurements. Equipped with advanced technology, the devices are preferred by servicemen, facility managers, and maintenance engineers.


Which products and solutions do you offer to minimise power outages and maintain voltage fluctuation in electrical units and transformers?
Our electrical measurement devices have a range of features, like non-contact voltage testing, which consists of visual and audio alarms for fault testing. Being IP6X compliant, they have the essential functions for voltage testing, continuity testing, and rotating magnetic field measurement. The Testo 760 is the first digital multimeter with TRMS measurement, automatic parameters detection, and selection via socket assignment. Function keys replace the traditional dial, which means easier operation and greater reliability. Likewise, the Testo 770 Clamp Meter is ideally suited for current switching cabinet measurements. It has a unique grab mechanism for easy and safe work, and automatic measurement parameter detection ensures reliable work. It also easily measures multiple parameters, like power factor, resistance, voltage, etc.,. The T 770-3 model has Bluetooth connectivity and integration with the Testo Smart Probes App.
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What is going to be your focus during ELECRAMA 2023? 
Being the market leader in testing and measuring instruments, Testo will showcase many products applicable for applications ranging from indoor environment and equipment condition monitoring to electrical troubleshooting and data logging. The main highlight would be our wide range of thermal imagers. Testo India provides 890 high-end thermal imagers that can be used to inspect assets such as switch yards and transmission lines. Testo 868 and Testo 872 are the best entry-level thermal cameras for applications in electrical cabinets, solar panels, circuits, and other mechanical or electrical components. They have an unmatched price-to-performance ratio and would be a key product to watch out for in ELECRAMA 2023.
Another important highlight of the event is the unique set of electrical measuring instruments that are so relatively advanced that equipment like unique clamp metres (Testo 770) and multimeters (Testo 760) are intuitive and can measure several parameters in a single component. Testo clamp metres can be connected to thermal imagers via Bluetooth, instantly displaying electrical parameters and thermal profiles. We invite all customers to our stall to witness the latest T&M measurement solutions and products for electrical and related segments.
For more details visit: https://www.testo.com/

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