Advanced cables powering smart and sustainable energy solutions

Apar Anushakti wires can withstand temperatures up to 105 degree C, carry 50 percent more current than conventional wires, last for longer than 50 years and save energy also. India…

Growing power sector investments boost demand for durable wires and cables

Wires and cable manufacturers can optimise their products for renewable energy integration by using high-conductivity materials.

WAA Cables; pioneering in excellence and innovation

The FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods) market in India is a vibrant, high-energy sector experiencing rapid growth, positioning itself as a flourishing global industry. Driven by increasing disposable incomes, urbanisation,…

Real-time monitoring and maintenance to prevent power failures

Power industry specialists briefly mentioned the advantages for innovation in smart cities created by India’s increased emphasis on sustainable cables and wires, as well as the importance of fire safety…

Propelling electrification of India

APAR Industries Limited, India’s largest manufacturer of renewable and special application cables, has served Indian defence, railway, government, and utility companies with the nation’s most advanced cables for over a…

The global energy cable market to be $164 billion by 2027

The global energy cable market is being driven by rising electricity consumption from industrialisation and construction activities. Vinay Rathi, Director of Gloster Cables Limited, discusses how domestic gear manufacturers are…

APAR Industries’ latest TVC campaign “The APAR Magic of Sonu Sood”

APAR Industries Limited is proud to share the company’s 1 st ever television commercial with its brand Ambassador Mr. Sonu Sood, endorsing the company’s range of electrical wires powered by…

Green wires are a safe choice for residential and commercial installations

Contemporary electrical wires and cables have always been equipped with fire retardancy. Almost every wire used today in the industrial and domestic sectors offers basic  levels  of flame retardance and…

Solar cable management and its essentialities

One of the most important tasks when installing a PV system is cable management. Here, the industry experts discuss the importance of having proper management system in place for the…

Switchgear monitoring management: To keep the switches on

Industry experts discuss how important it is to have condition monitoring of switchgears and its solutions. Switchgear’s operation condition is very important for system reliability. To detect any defects in…

Spot testing of transformer by TECHIMP – Altanova group

In order to evaluate the health and life of  electrical equipment in service, utilities prefer periodic spot testing. The spot testing is performed online on the energised equipment without taking…

Polycab’s first and iconic electrical Experience Centre in Mumbai

Polycab India Limited (“Polycab” or the “Company”), a leader in the wires and cables business and the go-to manufacturer of Fast Moving Electrical Goods (“FMEGs”) business, inaugurated its first-ever Polycab…

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