Distribution transformers: poised for a revival

Though the distribution transformer segment is facing challenges currently, revival of renewable energy and evolution of EV charging infrastructure are expected to fetch new opportunities in future.  Distribution transformers constitute…

Cables and wires: going greener and smarter

The innovative smarter and greener features coming up in power cables will support the country’s smart electricity moves in future. Wires and cables play an important role, as a medium…

The new age of power flow control: Optimising power flow in transmission networks

The proliferation of variable renewable generation has led to new challenges for transmission utilities.  The investment and time required to build new lines has re-emphasised the importance of utilising existing …

Govt schemes to encourage demand for flame retardant HT&LT wires

Industry experts here discuss how government schemes and recent demands have changed the core of HT&LT segment. Low tension cables have a lower rating where as high tension cables have…

Matching the potentials of T&M with power demand

India is the third biggest energy consumer in the world. Be that as it may encouraging conveyance of dependable and quality force and giving admittance to power to all stay…

Technical significance of High-Voltage switchgear in electrical unit

The power system deals with voltage above 36KV, is referred as high voltage switchgear. As the voltage level is high the arcing produced during switching operation is also very high.…

Safety concerns of Class 5 conductors in India

Class of conductor refers to the flexibility requirement in application. Class 2 is used in cases where the installation is fixed and they are stranded conductors. Class 5 refers to…

Lower carbon footprints: Sustainability increased in cables

Traditional methods of generating electric power include hydro power, thermal power and nuclear power. Nowadays solar power and wind power are becoming popular because of the renewable nature of the…

Pumps and valves: An emerging industry

The Indian pump and valve industry contributes significantly to the country’s growth, given its role as basic equipment in almost every sphere including infrastructure and agriculture. The Indian pump and…

HT and LT wires call for increased quality testing and inspection

The high-tension (HT) and low-tension (LT) wire market is growing in India with better quality products and improved safety standards that necessitate greater testing and third-party inspections to ensure that…

Micro-grids and modern technology for decentralised power distribution

Micro-grids with ability to coordinate and control the local demand and the distributed energy resources to maintain the voltage at standard levels, is the alternate solution to the conventional power…

Sustainable battery technology: For 2025 EV vision

Government notifications continue to bubble up on our news feed. Welcoming the move to convert all existing two-wheelers below 150 cc vehicles to electric by the year 2025 auto players…

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