Hitachi Energy produces India’s highest power-rated scott transformers for Indian railways enhancement

Transformers enable 20 percent speed boost, signify innovation and commitment to modernise Indian rail infrastructure. Hitachi Energy, a global leader in energy solutions, has achieved a significant milestone in its…

Smart Transformers paving the way for energy efficiency

The industry is exploring transformer efficiency for energy conservation, smart transformer deployment challenges, and proactive maintenance strategies to upscale performance, integrating renewable energy sources for grid stability and sustainability in…

Transformers and renewable energy join forces for a sustainable grid

Transformers efficiently integrate renewable energy into the grid, improving power quality and grid stability for a more sustainable future, explains Anant Krishna Waghchoure, National Sales Manager, The Motwane Manufacturing Company…

Developing next-generation solutions are adding value to the digitalisation of transformers

TXpert is Hitachi Energy’s open, scalable, manufacturer-agnostic ecosystem for the digitalisation of transformers. Hitachi Energy’s TXpert™ is a next-generation solution to digitise transformers. This leading-edge technology collects all relevant data…

Utilities can rely on instrument transformers for accurate and dependable power output

In an interview with EPR Magazine, Servokon’s Sales & Marketing Director, Zakir Hussain, discusses the advantages of instrument transformers for utilities. How do instrument transformers help utilities monitor the reliability…

Transformer market transforming trends

The demand for transformers is on the rise, powered by their primary function of transferring energy between different voltage levels and reducing or eliminating transmission losses. They are mainly devices…

We intend to cater to domestic and international power market

Going global is one thing, but focusing on the domestic market is equally important. “Therefore, I think the surplus energy generation available is enabling the distribution market and companies like…

Spot testing of transformer by TECHIMP – Altanova group

In order to evaluate the health and life of  electrical equipment in service, utilities prefer periodic spot testing. The spot testing is performed online on the energised equipment without taking…

Monitoring transformers for good health

Transformer system in itself is a very complex system and it requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. However in spite of that there are transformer failures generally are seen in India…

Rewinding critical electrical equipment parameters

Growth in the power industry is expected to drive growth in the electrical equipment industry. However, there are issues that need to be addresses before we attain a global status…

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