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Developing an IoT-enabled service platform for EV infra

November 25, 2022 12:05 pm

Developing an IoT-enabled service platform for EV infra

Data analytics and cutting-edge research in food technology have improved how Ecozen determine perishables’ quality and shelf life, says Vivek Pandey, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of Ecozen.
Innovations from Ecozen
We currently have on hand the products displayed at the REI expo recently. That is our entire solar pumping portfolio, which provides very high-efficiency solar panel-based pumping systems comprising a high-efficiency motor, a BMS motor, and a motor controller. A thermal energy storage system, which we hold a patent for, serves as a backup for a solar-powered cooling device that is an on-farm cooling system. These are the two main items from our current portfolio that we are exhibiting.
Latest innovations
We are working on an essential element, IoT and data. IoT has been fueling all 80,000 to 90,000 of our equipment across the field. We’ve learned much about machine learning, predictive analytics, and analytics since we’ve worked on it alone. Therefore, we are opening up our IoT portfolio to all players in the market, including those in sectors like electric vehicles. The goal is to develop a service platform with IoT devices and a full range of technical devices that can be used to predict and diagnose issues with the lithium batteries used in EVs.
Measures were taken for the safety and security of IoT production technology:
Security concerns


Opportunities and challenges
We have a lot of expertise in thermal and IoT energy storage, which we aim to use to advance the green energy sector. Since we have been in the solar market for a while, we anticipate that other businesses will also innovate in this area. This has already begun to happen significantly in India, where solar efficiency is at its highest.
India’s smart energy transition
The entire system is supported by advanced analytics in addition to IoT. The key to solar energy is to increase energy output while minimising energy consumption. This is vital because solar energy requires significant capital expenditures. There should be as little downtime as possible. From any perspective, we have several components that make this ideal. Our IoT data analytics technologies and predictive analytics capabilities are critical to achieving that smartness.
Farmers that use solar pumps can manage their pumping time to avoid using too much water in their fields. The complete tech stack we have, which includes not just the operating back-end algorithms but also numerous Android and mobile apps that have received many installs, provides all of these functions.

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