An ‘energy’ self-reliant smart city?

Chintan Soni, Co-Founder & CEO, Ecolibrium Energy

We want to create a smart city where every business, building or utility are self-reliant and do not waste electricity.
Chintan Soni, Co-Founder & CEO, Ecolibrium Energy Pvt Ltd
Energy balancePower surplus is a grand vision but Chintan Soni, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ecolibrium Energy Pvt Ltd is uncertain on the practice of judicious use of power and energy balance. Having a sceptical view on the power surplus of the country Soni says, “It’s a great vision, government is taking a lot of steps towards it but there is a gap. 21 per cent of energy loss is registered every year in India. Major consumers of India’s entire power production are industries which suffer from inefficiencies due to low maintenance of assets, disorganised production, electricity theft etc. So even if we produce the surplus power, are we consuming it judiciously and completely, is a big question. The term energy balance (able to consume what we produce or buy without any loss) as mentioned in the last financial budget looks more promising for overall energy sector.”
Game changer for the transformation Any innovative solution towards demand side management of power can make a huge difference. Those who consume the major junk of power should be liable to optimise their consumption. Also when industries pay huge bills for their energy consumption, they have the right to know where exactly they are spending more or less. “Energy intelligence and management for preventive and predictive health management of any network or asset, can change the whole scenario of operations cost of energy. Solar, wind and water (turbines) are another such innovative ways which can help industries to become self-sufficient in area of power production,” says Soni.  Ecolibrium Energy’s contributionEcolibrium Energy empowers businesses and utilities with advanced energy intelligence to reduce operational losses, optimise energy costs, and perform smarter asset management. The company combine the power of Industrial IOT, deep domain expertise, and big data analytics as a service (SAAS), providing actionable insights in the form of reports, notification, emails and alerts to predict, prevent and maintain, an industry’s best energy and operation cost optimisation.
Turnaround storyBriefing about the turnaround story, Soni says, “Sensitising industries and masses about energy management is important. They should know how they are consuming energy and to what amount they are consuming. So that they can justify if their every penny spend is worth. The power of analytics, where they can forecast the health of their network and machinery in advance, can save lakhs of rupees and production loss later. We are one-stop solution provider for energy management at affordable price.”
Opportunities for businessIndia wants to decrease its energy import bills,  reduce energy loss to minimal,  help industries optimally produce and consume power, decrease incidents of black out and brown outs, provide electricity to 400 million populations and reach a state of energy balance.  “We want to create a smart city where every business, building or utility are self-reliant and do not waste electricity,” Soni expressed his aspiration.

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