DEIF aims to enter a new cycle of growth

We aim to enter the world of digital services by offering a range of digital solutions that work seamlessly with our existing and new products, including those already in operation all over the world.
Ajaykumar Nair, Managing Director, DEIF India Pvt Ltd

Could you name a game-changing product of DEIF, and why do you think it is game-changing?
All our solutions are game changers for our customers as it helps them optimise fuel, improve automation and ensure reliable power. Our retrofitting and new build solutions are ideal for hybrid microgrids, IPP plants, rental sites and mission-critical facilities such as data centres, hospitals and telecommunications. Altogether, we call it: Power Efficiency.

Automatic Sustainable Controller, ASC-4 supports multiple operating modes including Off-grid, Grid-tied, and Combination (Off-grid/Grid-tied) and interfaces to a wide range of sustainable power sources, including PV inverters, battery inverters and wind turbines. The ASC-4 also supports short-term weather forecasting systems to optimise the output while reducing maintenance costs.A typical schematic with Utility, Solar and Diesel Genset is depicted below for reference.

ASC-4 increases safety of the system by protection against reverse power flow into the grid when running in parallel with the grid, thus avoiding tripping of the grid and penalty to the customer.

DEIF system is capable of withstanding a drop in PV production, for instance due to clouds casting shade on the PV panels. Using a sky image camera for cloud tracking, the solar production forecast for the coming period is delivered to the PV/diesel control system i.e. the ASC-4. This enables it to start up the required number of genset in due time before clouds reduce the PV production and maintain a sufficient amount of spinning reserve. DEIF’s ASC solutions are compatible with the leading short-term forecasting systems of the industry from Reuniwatt and SteadySun. The forecasting is directly coupled to the existing spinning reserve routine and will generate automated start/stop of gensets accordingly.

DEIF’s Solar solution – ASC has been installed and running successfully in more than 50 solar power projects of 20 MW total PV capacity with 60 MW Diesel Power (DG), all over India and many more projects are in the pipeline.

Brief us about the significant technical innovations expected from your company.
Our innovations come from our customers and their needs. As a group, leading innovation is our strategic focus area. Nearly 20 per cent of our employees are working in R&D. We have endless opportunities in hardware, software, communication, remote monitoring and control in our field.

The next generation developments are being done with capability to operate in multiple operating systems. We aim to enter the world of digital services by offering a range of digital solutions that work seamlessly with our existing and new products, including those already in operation all over the world.

At the Middle East Electricity exhibition in UAE, we introduced DEIF Insight – the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) extension of our products. It is a remote monitoring solution that is designed, developed and tested in the field to help the customers predict mishaps and react instantly to reduce downtime and costs. The responsive remote monitoring service uses advanced and secure cloud data management and gives access to data from all your units. This helps the stakeholders locally or globally to improve power management and solve problems within minutes. With DEIF Insight, you’ll be able to monitor your equipment from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, laptopor a desktop computer.

Another innovative product that was recently introduced is the Automatic Load Controller, ALC-4. Ideally suited for critical power applications, the Automatic Load Controller – ALC-4 integrates load handling into the power management system, eliminating the need for traditional PLC solutions. The ALC-4 improves system reliability and installs quickly while also reducing the investment and fuel costs compared to PLCs.

Intended for use in critical power management applications, the ALC-4 can control up to 8 consumer feeders per unit and helps control power plants in combination with other DEIF controllers.

By prioritising each consumer, the ALC-4 calculates which load groups can be supplied, depending on the available power in the system. This also means that your system is running fully optimised at all times, thus reducing fuel consumption along with wear and tear.

Why is DEIF a preferred make in the genset control and power management applications?
Today the customers are not just looking for good products but also looking for a trustworthy company who can provide them the complete system solution and post sales value-added services.

At DEIF we are continuously on the lookout on how we can optimise our customer’s current setup and reduce their long-term operation and maintenance costs. We are focused on improving their application’s safety, reliability, and efficiency. DEIF has solutions for various segments such as diesel, steam, hydro, soar, wind and marine applications.

Based on more than eight decades of experience, DEIF always recommend selecting a complete DEIF project solution for the customer’s application. Our dedicated project solution manager will take full responsibility for the DEIF’s system solution, offering full support throughout all project phases right from understanding the customer’s requirements to propose a comprehensive turnkey solution, supplying schematic drawings, control panel building with accessories, retrofit for DG synchronising system, remote monitoring, application testing, FAT, SAT, customised project documentation for future references, service and support i.e. the entire project management.

DEIF has also setup a product testing and repair centre at Mumbai, with automated testing facility and advanced equipment. This helps in fast troubleshooting and PCB level repair of the products that are retested and validated after fault rectification.

DEIF offers hands-on training for operators and technicians at our dedicated training facilities comprising of switchboard and simulator panel for simulating a wide range of applications and fault conditions without the risk to the customer’s plant.

The crucial difference between us and the competition is quality. We are a company with large stress on long term success and benefits which help us develop products ahead of time that can serve our customer for a long period to come.

What is the role of quality standards in DEIF?
Originally established in Copenhagen in 1933, DEIF has a long and rich history of providing quality instrumentation and power control solutions.

Before market release, all of our products are tested in our own test centre. The tests are carried out by our expert engineers. The test centre is part of our ISO 9001-certified quality management system and houses some of the most advanced testing facilities in the world. Our products are also certified by leading third party laboratories like DNV, GL, LRS, TÜV NORD, UL Listed, TÜV SÜD, etc.

At heart, DEIF is first and foremost a manufacturer dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction. That is why we always accept full responsibility for the quality of our solutions. From start to finish, we do everything we can to make sure that the requirements of each and every customer are met. To us, quality is not just a key competition parameter – it is part of who we are. At DEIF, we have been doing this for over 80 years and when we do something for such a long period; we get pretty good at it.

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