Power surplus is ‘limited’

We may have a situation of power surplus in some pockets of the sector but may not be equally distributed all along the country.
Kailash Lal Tarachandani, CEO,Inox Wind Ltd
Power is not equally distributedOn 2nd August, Power Minister Piyush Goyal said that, according to the Load Generation Balance Report (LGBR) for the year 2016-17 published by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), surplus power is anticipated for 1.1 per cent in terms of energy and 2.6 per cent in terms of peak. According to the Load Generation Balance Report (LGBR) for 2016-17, the centre has set a target of generating 1,178 billion units with overall surplus of 1.1 per cent and peak surplus of 2.6 per cent.
This shows two clear intentions of the government, first to push even more on capacity addition through renewable energy sources which is clear from the LGBR and second is the enhancement of the transmission lines. The distribution of renewable energy sources to the energy deficit regions likely to be the key to this surplus situation and government may put full efforts on that.
However, Kailash Lal Tarachandani, CEO, Inox Wind Ltd observes, “We may have a situation of power surplus in some pockets of the sector but may not be equally distributed all along the country.”
Solar revolution According to Tarachandani, policy makers have brought solar revolution in a big way to India. In the last two years, there was highest ever renewable energy capacity addition in wind and solar energy sector. In fact, solar energy capacity, which was 2,400MW in 2014, has now crossed 7,000MW. The gas based power plants of southern India and other thermal power plants which were suffering from the fuel shortage; their performance have escalated in the past couple of years. “The strong policy support for the renewable energy capacity addition and providing a must run recognition to them along with other positive factors have let to designate as power surplus in the near future,” he states.
Supportive environment for renewable Inox Wind is very delighted to have a supportive environment for renewable energy business. Last year it contributed 790MW of the total wind energy capacity addition which was a very significant 23 per cent.
Going a step further, this year also the company is targeting to cross 1,000MW mark of capacity addition which will again be a very significant contribution of the total capacity addition. “We have also started looking after diverse opportunities in solar and hybrid systems,” he informs.
Targeting strong order book Sharing about the future opportunities Tarachandani says, “Diversifying with the time is the key to success in this industry. We are diversifying our product portfolio according to the conditions and focusing on the technological advancements.” He further adds, “This moment we are looking at a strong order book and exceptional execution target ahead. A few states were a little delayed with their policy formation but right now there is a positive environment.”

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