RelyOn to create entrepreneurs in solar space

Sunil Joshi, Head of Business Development, RelyOn Solar

Our goal is to have empowered and successful entrepreneurs associated with us and working in solar industry across the country.
Sunil Joshi, Head of Business Development, RelyOn Solar
  Renewable energy is a subject of curiosity to almost everyone, more so for electrical and electronic industry professionals. When we get to hear and read much negative news about economic recession, global crisis and other uncertainty, it is always soothing to know that renewable energy industry has double digit growth and still has a lot of potentials to grow further. Among all, Solar has become most popular for obvious reasons.
In India, solar energy industry has provided ample opportunities to start-ups as well as multinationals. There are many companies and entrepreneurs working at the various scales of operations. Some have focused on small rooftop installations while other have focused on utility-scale power plants. There are very few companies like RelyOn Solar that are able to work across the bandwidth – from one KW rooftop solutions to the MW scale industrial rooftop installations and the MW scale utility power plants.
RelyOn Solar is one of its kind unique success stories. With its modest start in 2010 focusing on distributed power generation, RelyOn Solar may not be the biggest solar company in the industry but surely it is the only company of its kind in India. By now their success has crossed the borders by having installations in the Middle East and Africa too; over 1,500 installations across India is just one milestone in their success journey. Some of the most popular solutions among clients are RelyOn Solar’s exclusive solutions for petrol pumps, hotels, hospitals, housing societies, small industries.
The technological innovations have its own importance when it comes to finding appropriate, practical and commercially viable solutions. Led by its Chairman and Managing Director Dr Gundu Sabde, RelyOn Solar has been able to achieve this through its exceptional solutions like solar power for railways, automobile using flexible panels, integration of advanced storage with solar energy to achieve 24-hour solar power and solar panels installations on an industrial rooftop without any drilling on the roof resulting in leak-proof installation for the industry.
Dr Gundu’s team has been successful in designing electronic components required in solar power plants replacing the need to import such components. Mostly imported components like inverters or controllers are not designed for Indian environment and hence frequent failures in Indian grid conditions. RelyOn Solar could find a solution to these through in-house development. One of such products the smart controller has been conferred ‘Most Innovative Product’ of the year award by First View Group during India Solar Week.
With the view of promoting and supporting entrepreneurs from across the country, RelyOn Solar has recently announced that they are open to receive interest from such entrepreneurs who wish to be associated them. “Our goal is to have empowered and successful entrepreneurs associated with us and working in solar industry across the country,” said Sunil Joshi, Head of Business Development while talking to EPR.

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