Subsidy is a restraint factor: Piyush Goyal

Piyush Goyal

Global engagement should be on the terms that are set by us, and not by someone else, he said.
  “Subsidy is a restraint factor to any good program. On the other hand, an economically viable solution will have no limits to its ability to expand and be used,” said Power Minister Piyush Goyal while talking to the media on the sidelines of IEEMA’s annual convention.
Highlighting the current situation of the Indian electrical equipment market, he said, “We are still importing electric goods worth $10 billion, and this is a matter of concern. The current times are those of globalisation and we cannot be isolated. However, that global engagement should be on the terms that are set by us, and not by someone else. Energy and power security is an integral part of our national security.”
This year Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) organised its annual convention on the theme of ‘Electrifying Prosperity’.
Challenges The minister agrees that the challenges in the power sector are huge. “We will have to plan and stand on our own feet and win the battle. If India becomes dependent on some other country for any resources at any crucial juncture, it will be a tough time dealing with such a situation. Hence it will be wise to become sufficient and reduce the list of imports,” he said.
“We are confident that at least for thermal coal, we are inching towards self sufficiency. We have been designing the equipment on the basis of the imported coal. It is very unfortunate that we did not think of being self sufficient in terms of thermal coal. However, the dark days are almost getting over.”
Bringing a changeSpeaking about bringing a change in the power sector and the current steps that are being taken by the government, Goyal said, “We are planning to replace the older technologies with the modern ones that can have a higher capacity. That will expand the output surely. This can help in putting the existing assets for a better use. At a point of time, the apparatus defined the capacity. Now it is the time to explore it to the fullest.”
He further added, “We are looking forward to developed countries like Canada, Australia or wherever a more advanced technology is being used. We are thinking on various angles- refurnishing of the equipment, getting new ones, what all can we add that can smoothen the production of power.”
Future roadmap“Thinking out of the box and thinking beyond the barriers is very essential. With the current rate at which we are progressing, the potential is huge and we are on the correct path,” says Goyal.
The power ministry is trying various experiments for smoother power transmission and distribution. In Bodh Gaya, Bihar and also in a few villages in Rajasthan experiments are being carried out to have DC transmissions in homes that can be an alternative to reduce the inefficiency of power supply. The minister is confident that such steps can cut down the transmission efficiency losses and in turn reduce the black outs. 

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