Turning ‘Power’ dreams into reality with ‘Solar Tree’

Solar Tree’ like concept can immensely help those needy people to realise their dreams of having electricity.
Ajay Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, TITLIS Engineering & Projects
  TITLIS Engineering started as a small company in 2013-14 and it really had to dig deep to survive. In 2014-15 the company won several projects in plant engineering areas, for scanning and 3d modelling/FEED and detail engineering, waste water management and a 100 kW solar system in Nigeria which helped it to survive and sustain in coming years. It has been a profit making company for the last 2 financial years and with healthy order book now but still long way to go as we have just reached its 1st million dollar revenue. In addition, the company has convinced some of the largest global companies like Unilever, GSK, Owens Corning, Altran and UST Global to use its services both in engineering as well as its ‘Solar Tree’.
Ajay Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, TITLIS Engineering & Projects believe that the country has power surplus but it is not optimised effectively. “It is true that we are having power surplus in the country but this is not helping our country due to inappropriate distribution to different states. Due to this, people are not benefited and surplus is being wasted. To improve this situation we need more extensive grid expansion to remotest areas which will help power companies to transmit energy to the desired areas,” he opines.
Promote renewableAccording to Kumar, the main game changer in this surplus situation is extensive promotion by Indian government and more use of renewable energy in the country. This is surely helping societies to become more educated and creating several jobs opportunities in the renewable energy field.    
Innovative ‘Solar Tree’ After analysing these distribution and transmission challenges, TITLIS decided to develop a innovative system called ‘Solar Tree’ which can be installed in less than 2 sq. mts. area up to 5 kW and less than 4 sq.mts. from 5 to 25 kW systems. These can be installed either as offgrid or as ongrid depending on the area constraints. Biggest innovation in this system is to make it a revenue generator for the common man and users both as the solar power or wind solar hybrid can be used for digital advertisement throughout the world thus saving vital conventional energy and making advertising fully green. These options can be used by leasing ‘Solar Trees’ to corporate and other companies for advertising their products, services, E-Learning and many more. Also ‘Solar Tree’ has ‘Sun Trackers’ and tilting mechanism to optimise the efficiency and provide 20 per cent more efficiency than the traditional rooftop or ground mounted solar system.”
Aim to generate billion dollar revenueInforming on the future opportunities for the company Kumar states, “We see huge business opportunities, for companies like us where country will still need long time to cover through their in house transmission lines to reach millions and ‘Solar Tree’ like concept can immensely help those needy people to realise their dreams of having electricity and energy to make them self sufficient. We should be able to generate more than a billion dollar revenue by the year 2022 just by using our solar tree and wind solar hybrid system.”

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