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The demand for AI and IoT in the T&M sector is trending

November 25, 2022 11:54 am

The demand for AI and IoT in the T&M sector is trending

The global energy sector is undergoing rapid changes, particularly in the area of new energy, where there is an increase in the use of solar, wind (including offshore wind), and energy storage, which has a substantial impact on the need for new and increased testing equipment.
Emerging Trends
Globally, fossil fuels are practically the only source of power. The world is looking for strategies to reduce dependence on natural assets. Therefore, alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, and micro- and smallscale hydro projects, are given increased attention. With that, more areas and influential organisations are adopting the method of unattended operation and intelligent early warning due to intelligentisation and IoT-based development. “Thermal cameras, frequently used instruments for rapid visual troubleshooting can significantly increase the efficiency of routine inspection and troubleshooting compared  handheld metres,” says Aaroy Yu, Product Manager IRay.
Prabhakaran PV, Head of Product Management, Fluke India, says, “There is a need for advanced monitoring and control systems that may be utilised to manage and supervise massive power networks. The increasing usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in T&M solutions is a trend. EVs and chargers are dealing with weaker generation systems as more and more nonlinear generational methods are implemented. With such generation, distribution, and a smart grid in place, it is vital to check and improve the system’s dependability, necessitating more T&M technologies.
While highlighting the latest trends, Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd. says, “Plans may show a subtle movement from power generation to supply, or from distribution, if we concentrate on the power sector. India will now experience a noticeable shift towards efficient supply and an optimal generation mix primarily consisting of solar, hydro, and nuclear power. This is due to our country’s surplus of thermal power generation capacity, with moderate demand and a growing share of renewable energy. It will technically increase the market for electrical assets such as cables, transformers, transmission lines, switch yards, and storage, which has been growing linearly.
In addition, smart measurement techniques would be widely used, and all relevant parameters would be maintained and tested routinely. From the utility perspective, we play a significant role in assisting power utilities to improve efficiencies by maintaining asset availability at the highest possible level and minimising losses. Our tools, such as thermo-vision cameras, electrical instruments, and data loggers, are utilised in climate monitoring and in predictive and preventative maintenance on the primary electrical equipment described above.
Energy efficiency should be considered from product conception to product implementation. Any electricity company’s biggest worries are unplanned outages and downtime. It will be easier to prevent unneeded downtime if a system is properly built.
One of the main challenges in the T&M sector is appropriate troubleshooting and detecting the problem with predictive methods. Moreover, the main difficulties include:
• Overloading and low voltage in power transformation and distribution systems.
• Tripping due to line faults.
• Difficulty locating fault spots promptly
According to Bhangra, “the probability of a system failure rises with incorrect system testing and measurement. Unidentified flaws can result in significant energy and financial losses. To mitigate such critical losses, the facility manager or system engineer must exercise special caution while implementing proper electricity industry maintenance procedures.”
While discussing the challenges, Prabhakaran states that “developing essential metrics, appropriate instrumentation, condition-based monitoring, trends of equipment health, and thermal profiles of assets will aid engineers in making the best decisions before a failure occurs. To avoid the downtime for identifying and rectifying the issues and resolve the system.” However, the downtime can be greatly reduced if it is monitored with planned shutdowns. This further demonstrates that the major problem one might face in sustaining grid stability is the need for better best practices and cutting corners to lessen initial costs.

According to Yu, the main difficulties are overloading and low voltage of power transformation and distribution systems, tripping due to line faults, and difficulty finding fault spots promptly. He also states, “Live detection is made possible by thermographic technology, which is also very useful for fault pre-check, maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, and other activities during power grid inspection and maintenance.”


Maintaining efficiency through T&M
Thermal imagers play a very important role in maintaining the efficiency of the equipment for any power plant to operate more efficiently, as thermal imagers can be used for setting benchmark parameters and for all types of troubleshooting tasks right from the start, during the installation phase. A minor preventive and predictive maintenance oversight during the power-generating stage might result in hazardous conditions. Thermal inspection can be used as a preventative maintenance tool for  inaccessible areas, testing and verifying without endangering the user or requiring the entire power transmission network to be shut down.
Bhangare describes their Testo Electrical Measuring Instruments as tools that can help any engineer or technician control any electrical problem. It is a device that uses cuttingedge technologies and an easy-to-use interface to measure characteristics more reliably and precisely than ever before. The advanced user-friendliness that distinguishes stateof-the-art electrical measuring instruments makes them stand out. Bhangare adds that “the set has new standards with clever and novel technology. It tests the condition of all electrical facilities and machinery, including electric motors, pumps, and switching cabinets, and is reliable and effective.”.
Prabhakaran states, “Fluke offers a variety of test and measurement products for the upkeep and operation of energy grids and utilities. “We offer everything, including earth-ground testers, insulation testers, power analysers, and calibrators.”
Fluke products are renowned for their dependability, safety, and precision. Every Fluke product is built according to the customer’s needs and the user’s electrical safety. Our products meet the highest recommended standards for the same. A lifetime warranty is offered with several Fluke products.

Fluke Earth testers assist clients in establishing and maintaining proper earthing systems at a site to avoid any safety issues. Our power quality analysers are compatible with the most modern IEEE 519 and IEC 61000-4-30 (Ed3) standards. It can assist in addressing some of the measurement issues that the grid’s extensive use of solar and electric vehicle systems causes.
AI-based software for thermal and acoustic imagers, which helps identify underlying conditions quickly without halting operations, is also now available. Most products are futureready with remote wireless connectivity and AI- based software support.
Yu’s elaboration on the latest innovations highlights the variety of products and their key features innovated at IRay. The M620 professional handheld device has a wide measurement range of -20 to 650°C, a 23 ° FOV, an IFOV as low as 0.63 mrad, isotherm, and other analysis features. It also has an online IoT infrared camera called the dual- spectrum IRAY AT20 that is deployed in confined locations due to its high resolution of 256192, dual-spectrum of infrared and visible light, and 56°42° wide-angle observation function. It also offers IP67 protection, a measuring range of up to 550°C, and supports a variety of data connecting methods, including WiFi, POE, and M12.
Modern features like 6° to 48° changeable lenses, a measuring range of 6° to 48°, and a sensitivity of up to 35 mK for high-quality pictures are also available on the professional portable device T600.
There are still many innovations in the R&D sector focusing on certain factors like cost, efficiency, and durability. Soon enough, all the critical issues will be resolved, resulting in the best benefits for the consumer.
The optimal generating mix, which mostly comprises of solar, hydro, and nuclear power, will now be evident in India.”Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd.
The majority of IRay’s products are equipped with remote wireless connectivity and AI-based software, making them future-proof.”- Prabhakaran PV. Head of Product Management, Fluke India.
The world is looking for methods to reduce its dependency on natural assets and rely more on IoT and AI.”Aaroy Yu, Product Manager IRay.

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