Capitalising rooftop solar

Shailesh Patni, Head – Sales and Marketing, Jyotitech Solar LLP

“The government can achieve 38 per cent of renewable energy generation target just by deploying a solar-powered irrigation pumps”

Shailesh Patni, Head – Sales and Marketing, Jyotitech Solar LLP is confident that renewable solar PV installations is going to outpace coal largely.

Doubling the demand over the decade
The Indian power sector has been undergoing major transformation with the adoption of renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, huge investments in cost-competitive renewable energy and grid capacity expansion.

Electrification will drive India’s GDP growth
The electricity demand in every sector and region of economy such as buildings (residential & commercial), agriculture, healthcare, education, public transport, electric vehicles and telecom sector will drive India’s GDP growth. Investment in India’s power sector is important to maintain economic growth and also to improve the livelihoods of large sections of the population which are yet to receive electricity.

The beneficial government initiatives
24×7 Power-for-All by 2022 initiative is beneficial for solar PV module manufacturing industry and has been a game changer. This along with government’s 100 GW solar PV power generation target is set to meet the future electricity demand with the expected GDP growth at a CAGR of 8.5 per cent. Over next five years, there will be a huge demand of locally made solar PV modules for distributed rooftop projects, rural electrification and solar module-powered irrigation pumps.

Jyotitech Solar ’s contribution
Jyotitech Solar wants to play a critical role in PV industry by manufacturing solar PV modules and supplying these modules to system integrators and EPC players. We foresee a tremendous growth in manufacturing business due to its quality, competitive pricing, and satisfied customer base.

PV sector in all the business verticals which have very high demand of electricity and want to achieve reduction in their electricity bills. We plan to capitalise on the emerging trends in rooftop solar business by providing complete rooftop solutions in 5 KW to 1,000 KW space for residential, commercial spaces and industries. Jyotitech Solar will be enhancing solar PV module manufacturing capacity as a commitment towards “Make in India” initiative.

Solar powered Indian irrigation
There is a vast potential in India for solar powered irrigation as 30 million of conventional irrigation-pumps which are either grid-connected or diesel-powered need to be switched to solar-powered pumps. The Central and State Government initiatives and various schemes are helping farmers to adapt to solar-irrigation which will not only generate extra income for farmers by selling energy to DISCOMs but also help government to reduce heavily subsidised-electricity fund for agricultural sector.

India need to increase the rate of solar capacity additions
India announced an ambitious goal of to increasing renewable power capacity to 175 GW by 2022, with 100 GW of solar, 60 GW of wind, 10 GW of bio energy and 5 GW of small hydro. That would mean, India will need to increase the rate of solar capacity additions to at least 20-25 GW per year if it has to reach the 100 GW goal in 2022.

India needs to quicken its pace of solar rooftop installations, improve & expand transmission infrastructure and made available an easy access to finance needs of this industry. Promote and support ‘Rent a Roof’ policy for generating 40 GW of power through solar rooftop projects by 2022.

There must be an economical options of Insurance products for the domestic solar PV module manufacturers to remain in the race of MW/GW capacity projects.

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