EMKA Group to expand customisable electronic and mechanic locking systems for the Indian market

Our product range comprises 15,000 articles, developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Europe.
M Reihani,
Managing Director,
EMKA India Panel Accessories Pvt. Ltd

Can you brief about your range of products offered to the electrical and power sector?
EMKA GROUP is one of the globally leading manufacturer of locking systems, hinges and seals. Our products are mainly used in cabinets such as the switch cabinets used in electronics and electrical engineering. Particularly, in demand are our locking systems with monitoring function. Our product range comprises 15,000 articles, developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Europe.

What kind of R&D and designing expertise do you implement on a global scale? How do you rate its impact on your innovations and market share?
Design and haptics have an important role in our development. Therefore, we employ an experienced team of designers, developers and engineers at EMKA to realize individual customer solutions. We set standards in quality, depth of production and delivery performance worldwide, making it possible to offer new and innovative products needed by our customers. Of course, this requires a deep knowledge about the different markets in order to meet customer needs locally.

Being a global player, how do you customize your products for the Indian market?
We currently offer only handful of special products for the Indian market. However, this will change significantly with the completion of the new Bhilai production site in Chhattisgarh, India, because it is very important to us to be able to serve the needs of our Indian customers more and more. With the new production site and our sales office in Bangalore, which has already been established for many years, we will be able to offer even better customer-specific EMKA products in India in the near future.

How do you view India’s emerging demand for solutions for various renewable energy setups?
We are welcoming India’s promotion of usage of renewable energies because a sustainable securing of energy demand is very important for manufacturing companies such as EMKA.

What make your solutions the most suitable and reliable for this emerging demand?
EMKA is known for the variety in its product development. That’s why we’re estimating great opportunities in the Indian market. Especially with our product portfolio of electronic locking systems, we reach out to the technology-oriented Indian people. Ultimately, at EMKA stands not only for technological finesse, but also for the high depth of production, reliability and flexibility.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Make in India’- initiative? What is your significant contribution towards it?
We do support the initiative “Make in India” by the Indian Government, as this has already resulted in interesting contacts for EMKA. Currently, there are internal discussions about joining this initiative, because for a quality leader like us, which has planned direct investments in India already, this initiative offers a welcoming support. Additionally, any company can benefit from the wide range of contacts from other companies operating in such a network.

What kind of investment do you currently have in India? What are your future plans?
India has a very attractive market for EMKA. In addition to our sales office in Bangalore, which was established years back, we are planning to start one in Central India. We will continue to expand our commitment to have a stronger local presence in different parts of India.

Any upcoming launches? What should the Indian market expect from EMKA this year?
There are no particular launches scheduled yet. Nonetheless, India will benefit from the tremendous amount of product diversity offered globally by EMKA. Also the ‘Make in India’ initiative will play an increasingly important role for us in the future.

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