Improved productivity drives T&M sector

Suneel Kapoor, Country Lead, Kyoritsu KEW India Instruments Pvt Ltd

“Measuring instruments assist optimised process and that leads to higher productivity”

According to Suneel Kapoor, Country Lead, Kyoritsu KEW India Instruments Pvt Ltd, measuring tools play a major role across various sections in Indian power sector and relying on feedback and improving the products is considered to be far more effective for the growth of T&M sector, thus leading to a win-win situation.

How do view the transformation of Indian power sector?
Transformation is a big word. I think we are still grappling with lack of enough power generation in the non-renewable sector due to restrictions on coal imports and environmental clearances for nuclear power plants. Added to that, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are not lucrative enough to make a private entrepreneur run a plant. This issue of capacity bottleneck created by unwillingness to resolve unutilised investments is a huge waste.

Renewable is the new buzzword. But, it remains to be constrained due to battery technology bottleneck, which is a technology challenge that needs to be addressed. We are looking beyond borders for miracles. Distribution is another sector where we are still far from taking advantages of IoT and Connected World. We are still busy resolving the politics-driven manpower enhancement in state power utilities, which gives no profits.

How do you co-relate energy demand and economic growth?
Energy demand definitely drives growth, provided it’s supported by policy framework, which considers regional needs/resources and provides freedom to enterprises to innovate and compete. We focus on electrical maintenance. As more electrical infrastructure builds and need of efficiency and energy savings arise, we grow, too. Our growth is directly proportional to all efforts leading to this.

What’s the role of measuring instruments for a sustainable society?
Measuring instruments assist optimised process and that leads to higher productivity. As quality measuring devices providing accurate results gets deployed, we can maximise utility of replenish-able resources and this results in a sustainable society.

How does T&M equipment affect the efficiency and life of power plant assets?
Measuring tools have a role across sectors and in complete value chain from generation, transmission to distribution to industrial/commercial/residential load. The better we monitor, the better we maintain. When it’s maintained, our assets would be more efficient in increasing productivity. Same thing applies to power generation assets, too.

What parameters measure the power quality?
Parameters are well defined by norms introduced by IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 (the latest revision). Most of the Indian companies, including us, follow the same while providing results with our power quality analysers. Limits are typically as per standards that customers choose based on the sensitivity of their installation, as Indian utilities are still enforcing very few parameters of power quality.

Please evaluate the use of measuring instruments and their expansion.
Listen! Listen to what your consumer says. Learn from the issues they are facing. This could make our customers more efficient, productive and profitable, leading to a win-win situation.

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