Improved technologies to boost power generation

Maulik Patel, Executive Director, SLTL Group

“Solar cell scribing requires high level of precision and accurate power supply to attain optimum results”

The power sector is considered as one of the most stable sectors of the industry but it has always been influenced and poked by ever changing techniques for power generation, believes Maulik Patel, Executive Director, SLTL Group.

Taking a bend towards renewable energy
Over the span of last two decades coal as a source to power was heavily criticised but quantitatively unsuccessful efforts to find more viable options for generation of power was a challenge considering high initial setup cost for renewable energies.

With more rapid depletion of natural fossil fuel and negative carbon footprint, the industry is under heavy pressure to look somewhere for cleaner sources, more efficient one. With improvised efforts, research results and world wide acceptance of renewable energy, the industry is taking a bend towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

Electrification drives India’s growth
An economic growth of the country is hugely dependent on performance of the manufacturing industries at home. The growth of the industries could be reflected through increasing electrical demands. It is said that India will increase it power demand to 25 per cent by 2025.

Over the Indian geographies, the increase in energy demand will flood in opportunities for micro, small and medium industries to extend operations. The investments from foreign industries will open gates for local industries to collaborate and exposure to technology.

International Solar Alliance
ISA definitely will lower the electricity cost in addition to providing clean energy to industries and households. The cost of solar electricity is low in comparison to conventional thermal power which boosts industries and allow more investments for industrial growth. Also, the government is planning to invite bids for the largest solar tender in the world, for installing 20 GW of solar power capacity, to give a boost to manufacture of solar power equipment in India.

Power generation efficiency
Technology is the key driver for any industry. By understanding the process of power generation, one can understand the major role of technology in improvisation of power generation efficiency. Thermal energy as we say includes lot of processing from mining, transportation and supply. This has an over cost for acquiring raw material such as coal.

With technology advancements, one can access to available renewable power sources from wind and solar. This will decrease the resource acquiring cost by huge difference. Overall, input to power generation output ratio will decrease.

Tell us bit about solar cell machine of yours
In house R&D team of SLTL has developed a machine which utilises laser technology for solar cell scribing; we call the machine as SCRIBO. Solar cell scribing is very complex process; it requires high level of precision and accurate power supply to attain optimum results.

Our professional design by team of experts renders its power pact features such as a superior laser beam quality, power stability, auto cool system and a precise CNC workstation. Its automated process and ease of operation enables to save on production time.

Where do these machines find use in?
These laser scribing machines find use in photovoltaic industry where these are used for scribing polycrystalline and mono crystalline silicon wafer, non-crystalline silicon solar cell.

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