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Testo AG, with its headquarters in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, is a global major in the field of portable and stationary measurement technology. In an interview with EPR, Testo India’s Business Development Manager Parag Yelegaonkar gives an overview of the company’s state-of-the-art solutions.

What opportunities do you see in electrical instruments business in India?
Due to increasing demand in electricity for domestic, industrial sector and corresponding growth in the generation, transmission and distribution, the market for the electrical equipment and electrical instruments will continue to grow at a steady pace. Although we cannot foresee the exponential growth in this sector due to surplus in most of the developed areas but one can expect good opportunities to invest and grow further in developing areas. The awareness and trend of predictive maintenance and health monitoring of electrical equipment has been significantly increasing and resulting in to better availability and efficiency of the electrical assets.

How Testo’s electrical instruments can benefit the power supply network?
Testo Electrical Instruments and Testo Thermal Imagers becomes first choice of the end users and distributors due to German engineering and its unique features at an affordable price. The Testo instruments are rugged and most suitable for the extensive field use even in harsh environments. Due to its user friendliness, it becomes choice of unskilled people or beginners as well. The instruments are with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and hence are suitable for the real-time monitoring of various electrical parameters and it keeps measurement data stored with date and time. These features make users to analyse the parameters and set the process and maintain the assets in very professional way. Also automatic socket recognition feature makes instrument safe and user safe while carrying out electrical parameters measurements.

How multimeters can be used to troubleshoot electrical problems in power supplies?
The TRMS multimeters are used extensively to troubleshoot the large power supplies, power distribution and in all the low tension switchgear installations. Due to TRMS measurements by Multimeters, one can have accurate measurement readings even in electrical harmonic environments to rely upon to help users correcting and fixing electrical issues. With more features available, it makes sense using single instruments for measuring multiple electrical parameters including temperature.

How clampmeters act as energy management solution?
The Testo SMART clamp meters, due to its unique, advanced features and having connectivity with Testo thermal imagers and Testo SMART probe app is a definite choice of energy conscious plant engineers, energy auditors and service technicians. Due to Bluetooth connectivity with testo SMART probe app and testo thermal imagers, the measurements and troubleshooting is very fast and precise with real time data and image transfers to superiors and decision makers in energy management.

What measures do you take to enhance the quality of your products?
Testo has stringent quality norms in manufacturing of engineered products and while carrying out in process assemblies of electronic parts. Also during the final pre-dispatch inspection, we ensure quality and give assurance to the customers about the best eventual products that, they are going to get.

How Testo’s electrical instruments are different from others available in the market?
Testo electrical instruments are significantly different from the rest available in the market due to our strong desire to be more successful in precise and smart measurements than the others. For instance, our Multimeters testo 760 come with automatic recognition of measurement values and parameters, testo 770 Clamp meter are available with revolutionary grab mechanism for increased safety and are the first clamp meter measuring power too. Unique voltage tester testo 750 comes with patented 360-degree all round LED display visible from all sides, testo 755 measures voltages, resistance and currents as well and finally the most reliable non-contact voltage tester testo 745 available in the market.

What is Testo’s role in transforming the power industry?
Testo is doing commendable job in the field of measurements and is world over recognised for its German brand for the precise and SMART measurements. Testo has transformed not only the electrical power industry but almost all the sectors by delivering SMART products and solutions for maintaining their assets efficiently and safely.

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