Measurement figures tells us the truth

Shantanu Sanghi, Director, Shri Krsna Urja Project Pvt Ltd

“We need measuring figures to tell us the truth whether we are in the comfort zone or on the edge”

For a long time, transformers in operation would only cease to work when there is a maintenance task to be carried out or in case of power failure. If a transformer fails to work due to insulation failure caused by thermal stress, ageing, partial discharge, etc. it may cause blackout in the region/area to which it is supplying electricity and may stop the production/manufacturing causing revenue loss to industry or government. While operating principles of transformers remain the same, the challenges of maintaining and testing transformers have evolved along with transformer design and construction. Shantanu Sanghi, Director, Shri Krsna Urja Project Pvt Ltd, discusses the importance of T &M equipments and the difference it could make to profitability, and help in achieving planned efficiency.

Renewable power transformation
Major transformation has been ongoing specially on the renewable power front. Many schemes have been implemented to push the distribution of power, across India through IPDS, DDUGVY, UDAY etc. Solar rooftop projects for residential, institutional and commercial sites have taken off in a big way. This means, production at consumption site and its effect will be significant in the next 5-7 years!

Electrification: Whole new level of requirement
Growth is being driven for consumption of goods and technology. Digitisation of data, content, transactions, entertainment and the need for data storage- keeping it cool- requires electricity! Power is essential for all industries, commercial establishments, government buildings, consumer outlets etc. New lifestyle requirements mean a whole new level of requirement!
The distribution schemes of IPDS and DDUGJVY has given business to MSME companies and contractors. The addition to the tune of 22 GW has catalysed hopes, perhaps, a few too many dreams! There is tremendous buoyancy, albeit the struggles faced by new entrants. On the flip side, there are several reasons for deflated dreams, which are being discussed on wider platforms.

Measurement is essential to our brains
We need figures to tell us the truth whether we are in the comfort zone or on the edge. Presentation of the data in the correct context, which is achieved once measurements are made- allows better decision making. We are engaged in hot dip galvanised solar structure manufacturing. We measure dimensions, temperature, specific gravity, coating of zinc etc. very closely. To us, it is imperative to control quality. A sustainable society needs to use resources in a very measured way! We need to have pure air, water and soil- these are extremely important for survival.

The role of T&M equipment
The T&M equipment could make all the difference to profitability, and help in achieving planned efficiency which requires correct accurate conditions. Without knowledge and procedure of using T&M, there would be hiccups. Statistically there would be delays, rejections, repairs, problems!

The usages of measuring instruments
Our requirements could be driven by the MQP approved by our end users, who prescribe the standards for their industry. We drive the expansion of T&M, when technology providers enlighten us about it- as our core focus is achieving target, along with customer delight!

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