KOEL to develop 2000 KVA gensets

In a span of 18-24 months, we are planning to launch 2000 KVA gensets.

Sanjeev M Nimkar, VP & Business Head-Power, Industrial & Services, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (KOEL)

KOEL recently announced the launch of their new high horse power gensets (HHP) for the Indian market. Back in 1998, the company started its high horse power gensets journey and today it has completed 30,000 installations in the country while overall installations crossing 1 million DG sets. During the launch, KOEL announced their foray in to 750, 910 and 1010 kVA ranges of gensets. In an interview with Kshitija Kolhapure, Sanjeev M Nimkar, VP & Business Head-Power, Industrial & Services, KOEL reveals the uniqueness of the newly launched product as well how it will serve the power generation market in India.

How 30,000 HHP gensets is going to serve the power generation market in India?
Currently most of the products in HHP domain in supplied in the power generation market are either imported or they are of the higher footprints. If the products are imported, generally the operating cost in terms of maintenance and spare parts is very high. So comparatively our newly launched HHP ranges are indigenously developed, our cost of maintenance will be far lower for the customers. Also KOEL is always very competitive in terms of price, in that case we are providing much advanced and operational cost saving products to the customers. So this is how our products can help the power generation market in India.

What makes it a unique product?
The uniqueness of the product is in its lowest footprint in the category and higher fuel efficiency which can save few lakhs of rupees per annum. Apart from this our HHP gensets has in-built remote monitoring system and have similar price point as that of other offers in the market. So all the way we are giving many benefits to the customers at competitive prices which is what makes it a unique product.

In addition, these products are CPCB 2 compliant which is the best emission standard in the world. It is exactly the same emission norms as that of Europe or the USA.

What kind of technology has been used to develop this product?
There are 2 to 3 things we have worked out on this product. The first one is engine; our competition gives engine which is called in-line engine whereas what we give is a V-type of engine so that the footprint of the DG set is reduced. Secondly, we have used indigenously developed CRDitechnology. Thirdly, through remote monitoring one can track the functioning of the gensets through mobile phones or laptop. There are quite a few but I have mentioned some of them.

Brief us about the remote monitoring technology?
Remote monitoring technology does two fundamental things for the customers. One, it proactively indicates well in advance when your fuel level is going down. Secondly, in case if the engine is getting heated up due to over load etc it will safeguard the DG set. It can give timely service alarms and reminders. This monitoring is a step towards making lives of our customers little more comfortable. In short, you can call it as a proactive filter before something goes wrong.

Can you brief about the green standards that KOEL follows?
Our product has the brand name KOEL Green. Greenness starts right at the conception and design stage of the product or service. The raw materials that we use for making our products are selected adhering to the highest green standards. The designing of our products itself is for the highest fuel efficiency which is on a green side. We also follow green processes in our factory. In terms of delivery of the product to the market we do not use wood so that every aspect of this products right from design to delivery to the customer the green aspects are touched and that is why we call it as KOEL Green.

Do you have any expansion plans in terms of business?
Yes. In a span of 18-24 months, we are planning to launch 2000 KVA gensets.

Tell us about KOEL’s role in power segment?
KOEL’s role is fundamentally in back up power to the grid like an insurance. In the backup power domain, KOEL’s high horse power range alone is backing up around 7.5 GW of country’s power. If you look at in totality more than 30 GW power is backed up by KOEL. So if we look at India’s current daily power consumption of around 160 GW of power, out of which about 90-100 GW is backed up by DG sets. KOEL alone is backing up about 30-35 GW out of this. So KOEL DG power systems play a vital role in India’s development and growth story.

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