Market maturing at all levels of T&M industries

Narendra Goliya, Chairman, Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd

“Our state-of-the-art R&D facility is perpetually driving advancements and adoption of new technologies to deliver solutions aligned to market expectations”

Narendra Goliya, Chairman, Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd., discusses how their ‘state-of-the art R&D facility is driving advancements and technologies to deliver solutions aligned to Indian market expectations.

From fossils to renewables
In the early days, when electricity was still a luxury, there was high demand and less supply. Now, after so many generation projects (hydroelectric, thermal as well as nuclear), there has been a stable electricity supply to consumers. Moreover, to monitor the power quality, there is data mining, data logging and analysis being done to ensure that even a small event in the power line is captured, beneficial in the long run as consumers get uninterrupted power with better power quality.

This leads to an undeniable fact that the transformation has increased the economic growth with a higher percentage. Even under the most sombre growth scenarios, it is fully expected that India’s growth ambitions will lead to a 100 per cent increase in energy consumption.

A luxury commodity
Electrification will ultimately pave the way towards growth and improvement in the standards of living. Electricity will then not only remain a luxury, but also a commodity that is everyone’s necessity. This leads to increase in the energy demand. It won’t be long before everyone recognises India as a developed country.

Make in India a colossal campaign
‘Make in India’ is one of the colossal campaign that will lead to an increase in exports and manufacturing, boosting the economy and creating job opportunities. Lot of work is being done on innovation, both on the technology side and business side. It has created a higher brand value of Indian products in the International markets. At Rishabh, 60 per cent of the overall business comprises of export business. It conjointly says that all the foreign-make companies must have their 60 per cent manufacturing set up in India. Indian products will also have global level specifications and will comply with all international products available in the market with neck-to-neck match to the global players.

Contribution of measuring instruments
At Rishabh Group, we focus and strive for continuous and sustainable growth in the field of energy measurement, automation products and die casting with innovation being the cornerstone. We, offer our customers the most diverse product range in measurement and monitoring of electrical and allied parameters with over 32,000 SKUs. Our prime focus is always to serve customer requirements more efficiently. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility is perpetually driving advancements and adoption of new technologies to deliver solutions aligned to market expectations. These products, we create at Rishabh, are developed for the global market, since our products serve customers across 70 countries through our international subsidiaries and channel network.

The market is maturing at all levels of the T&M industries. What started as a simple single or multiple parameters, measurements such as volts, frequency and power has graduated into a power quality measurement where individual harmonics, swells, dips and transient are measured.
What was only indicating, now has started recording all the parameters either on a fixed time basis or as per the programme to be set by the end-user.

Our new products include 5KV digital insulation tester suitable for field testing and has proven operation in switch-yards where there is induction voltage present upto 600V. We have plans to come up with more products required by power sector so as to cater the requirements of this sector and become a prominent player to meet the requirements of T&M equipment in future.

The good quality power
The electric power, which we get from utility, can be defined as good quality of power when the supplied voltage stays within limits, steady state AC frequency is close to the rated value, and smooth voltage waveform appears. The supply must not be uncertain due to superimposed waveforms of different frequencies and magnitude. These lead to unwanted conditions like swells, sags, interruptions and flicker, deteriorating performance of machines. Hence, in highly critical infrastructures, it is mandatory to examine the power quality at the point of common coupling.

Understanding the need
Exhibitions has always been a major platform to showcase our innovations, strengths and future prospects under development. It is the ideal way to showcase our presence in the market. Many of our customers from the various parts of globe visit various exhibitions every time and ensure to have a comprehensive dialogue with Rishabh team. This helps us in both ways, one is to showcase/communicate our products and provide solutions to them, and another is to get the feedback, suggestions, ideas and understanding their expectations and evaluate the usage of our products. A lot of importance is given to the various levels of IP testing explanation, UL and CSA approvals for safety and Cat I to Cat IV awareness to the Indian users of various measurement devices.

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