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WAGO Enables Smart Grid Modernization on All Levels

Automation of energy grids has many advantages, including the possibility of monitoring and remote control

In the first step, grid operators can use intuitive technology to precisely identify where their infrastructure must be modernized. Controllers can then be used later to automate processes and support load management. In this way, grid capacities can be better utilized and can reduce the need for new lines.

Intelligent distribution substations: Key to the smart power grid
Just like conventional local power stations, the intelligent distribution substation (iONS) connects the medium and low-voltage grids. The new substation also records measurement data and allows this data to be read remotely. WAGO is ready to support an iONS with comprehensive automation technology: The PFC200 Controller on the medium-voltage side and the e!DISPLAY on the low-voltage side is for visualizing the measurement and control data directly at the iONS itself, as well as provide complete connection technology.

WAGO’s versatile controllers, which are freely programmable via CODESYS, collect all data from the substation’s various systems via digital and analog signals (e.g. via MODBUS RTU or IEC 61850). These controllers translate the data into supplier-required communication protocols (e.g. IEC 60870-5-101/-104 or IEC 61850) and transmit it to the control center via data line.

In the opposite direction, the control center can access the substation’s systems (e.g. medium-voltage control cabinet, protective devices, measurement systems from different manufacturers) via the WAGO Controllers with data flow protection against unauthorised access. This is done by encrypting the data using TLS1.2 and by transmitting the data via specially secured connections, such as IPsec or Open VPN, according to the BDEW White Paper.

Medium voltage switchgear automation
Switchgear in the distribution grid is a central component of a secure power supply. To ensure this, automation of such stations with WAGO controllers is an excellent solution. Faults can be quickly localized by connecting the short circuit and ground-fault direction indicators and transmitting the information, while automated systems can be remotely controlled. Parts of the power grid can then be quickly restored and the damage radius is minimized.

Substations: Network nodes always in view
Substations are the interface between generation and distribution of renewable energy. In the event of failure, connected generators such as solar and wind farms can no longer feed into the power grid. WAGO controllers does remote monitoring and controlling stations reliably with precise fault localization for fast reconnection of grid segments

Gas Supply: Safe pressure regulation
A safe gas supply is just as important as a safe power supply. To ensure a safe supply, monitoring and control of gas pressure regulating systems and coupling stations are indispensable. WAGO solutions offers fast troubleshooting, online measurement, support of all current fieldbus systems such as PROFIBUS DP or Modbus RTU/TCP, permitting integration of third-party systems.

Telecontrol protocols such as IEC 60870 or DNP 3.0 allow connection to the central control system with integrated web visualization for display of processes on site or via remote access. Intrinsically safe I/O modules permit integration of signals from Ex Zones 0, 1 and 2 into the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.

Heat supply: Always the right temperature
Combined heating and power (CHP), along with the associated construction and expansion of remote and local heating networks is an important component of energy transformation. During implementation, heat coupling and transfer stations must be safely automated. Of course, the customer requires a secure supply in the cold season – failure here would be fatal!

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