Patanjali boosts itself by launching six products

Our aim is to increase the generation of solar power from 150 to 250 MW in a period of 2 years
Shival Garg – Business Consultant, Patanjali Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd

Patanjali Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd cater the needs of masses by providing electricity at cheaper rates and promoting renewable energies. The Company aims to reduce the consumption of diesel and petrol and make India pollution-free. Here, Shival Garg – Business Consultant, Patanjali Renewable Energy, share the company’s participation in the REI expo and how they plan to promote the renewable energies to reduce the carbon footprints

Please walk us through your participation in the REI Expo, 2018.
REI is a platform base for the launch of solar products and for promoting the renewable energies. We have received a good amount of responses from visitors, vendors, suppliers, distributors and dealers.

Did you launch any products in the expo?
We’ve come up with six products: solar PV panels, solar street lights, solar pumps, solar inverters [hybrid], solar home lighting systems and batteries. Right now our prime focus is to exploit solar PV panels market and also make an entry into the batteries segment

How do you view the power sector in India?
India has huge solar potential, but out of it, very little is being utilised. Meanwhile, Germany and Australia, even though receives very less solar energy when compared to India, almost 30-40 per cent of their energy utilisation is based on solar power. Considering these aspects, the company aims to be a part in fulfilling India’s aim of attaining 100 GW of solar power generation by 2022.

How do you view the future of Patanjali Renewable Energy?
The company is currently having a solar panel manufacturing plant with a capacity of around 150 MW. Our aim is to increase the generation of solar power from 150 to 250 MW in a period of 2 years.

Our constant endeavour is to promote the ‘Make-in-India’ initiative in FMCG and other sectors, which would contribute to the overall growth of the whole GDP of the country. We thrive to reach to the villages and comply with the government policies to provide electricity at a cheap rate.

We are also planning to get into the development of lithium-based batteries as well. Conventional lead-based batteries are known to be heavy and take more time to recharge, with a significant amount of wastage as well. The lithium-based batteries, however, is much better than its lead-based counterpart.

The company also plans to develop electrical vehicle charging equipment in the future to abolish the use of petrol and diesel vehicles. We are also planning to set up (EV) charging stations by collaborating with other industry giants and provide EV chargers as well.

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