Solar industry gaining momentum using Sileaf water pump solutions

We drive our products through innovation and is a reliable brand for robust products
Sunil Joshi, Head-Business Development, Sileaf Technologies

Sileaf technologies is known for its expertise in technology and technology oriented products. Here, Sunil Joshi, Head-Business Development, Sileaf Technologies, shares what Sileaf’s participation in REI Expo, 2018.

Tell us about your participation in REI 2018?
Our product offerings are completely indigenous for various applications in the solar field. This year we are completely focussed on water pumps and its application such as for drinking water and irrigation. We have 0.5 to 5 HP switch pumps that we offer for the same.

Which products did you showcase at REI Expo?
The focus was on water pumps for expo. Actually, we do have other variety products to offer. We work on a variety of DC water pumps. We also have off grid inverters and power management controller called ‘SolGrid’, data loggers, BMS and also advanced battery storage packs for lithium ion batteries for solar as well as electrical vehicle applications. But if we see overall development within solar industry in India, the water pumps are picking up very good momentum because of its tremendous requirement, upgraded government schemes, installations and commissioning of pumps for agriculture purpose and drinking water. So, this gave us a good momentum and we decided to focus on water pumps for this year’s REI.

What are your initiatives toward E-vehicles?
Few months before, we announced our BMS (Battery Management System) for lithium ion battery packs in advanced battery storage. We also ventured into VLDC technology. Now you know, our water pumps are into VLDC. In EVs, our BMS controller, BLDC and VLDC motor controller are the key components and rest are all mechanical elements. Our EV technology is built using these key components. We wish to play the role of a key contributor in the revolution of electronic and electrical vehicles.

How do you evaluate the future roadmap of Sileaf?
Our customers look at us as a reliable brand for robust products. We drive our products through innovation; the kind of drive that we look forward is to bring the import contain of overall renewable industry down and build indigenous products for the industry. This is to avoid situations like earlier, when we were importing oil, and now we are on the verge of importing all components for renewable; to be honest, we’re actually yet to be self-dependent.

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