Red Lion’s Graphite® HMI operator panel series receives PESO certification

Red Lion’s Graphite® HMI operator panels with Crimson® automation software let customers connect, monitor, and control processes in harsh industrial environments. Red Lion®, a global industrial technology manufacturer that helps…

Keeping lights on and preventing failures with FLIR Si124

Built with 124 microphones, the Si124 produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information in real time on top of a digital camera picture. The FLIR team at…

Credence Solar Panels achieves BIS certification for high-capacity modules

Gujarat-based manufacturer attains BIS nod for 685W solar panels, reaffirming commitment to quality and sustainability. Credence Solar Panels, a Gujarat-based manufacturer of solar PV modules, has recently attained certification from…

MECO unveils 3½ Digit 1999 Counts Digital Clamp Meter DT 2727+

This model can measure current up to 400A AC TRMS, and its voltage measurement capabilities extend to 600V for both DC and AC TRMS. MECO has recently unveiled its latest…

kVAH billing optimisation for highly dynamic loads in steel industries like EAF, rolling mills

The inPhase solution tackles high harmonics caused by non-linear loads and low power factors due to dynamic loads. InPhase excels in addressing power system challenges in steel and other heavy…

K-LITE unveils Polar Lighting Pole, a stylish, energy-efficient urban beautification solution

The lighting arms are integrated with an LED modular lighting system, which is environmentally- -friendly under the green lighting category. The ‘K-LITE’ has introduced a cutting-edge surface-mounted Polar Lighting Pole…

KUSAM-MECO launches cutting-edge T&M instruments

The company leads the industry with its products: thermal imaging camera- TG-305, digital handled DC micro- ohm meter (10A)- KM OHM 8502 and contact type high voltage detector- KM-CVD-11 KV…

Innovative digital multimeter DMM 830L provides unparalleled visibility and precision

Its voltage range extends up to 600V for both DC and AC, offering users the flexibility to handle diverse electrical systems. MECO proudly introduces its latest innovation, the DMM 830L…

FLIR unveils the DM93-2 industrial digital multimeter with METERLiNK® integration

The device has advanced variable-frequency drive (VFD) filtering and LoZ mode to help technicians accurately analyse non-traditional sine waves and noisy signals in VFD-controlled equipment. The new FLIR DM93-2 is…

Ciel & Terre completes India’s first floating solar plant

10.765 MWp Tata Steel, Jamshedpur project showcases innovative floating solar technology, addressing industrial energy needs sustainably. India is making significant strides in harnessing renewable energy to meet its growing power…

Utilising Online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) for enhanced end-of-life management of ageing power transformers

Ensuring the health of power transformers is paramount, as sudden breakdowns are not only costly but also time-consuming to repair. Ensuring the health of power transformers is paramount, as sudden…

Inovance Technology expands in India with new Noida office

The company’s expansion in India represents a significant milestone, characterised by strategic office relocation, team augmentation, and the fortification of its service infrastructure. Inovance Technology India has recently announced a…

Dops unveils advanced application to tackle alarm flooding

In a significant breakthrough in the industrial sector, Supinco Automation has introduced ‘dOps’ advanced alarm management application. This innovative software offers a solution to the persistent challenge of alarm flooding,…

Amar Industries serves switchgear, transformer, transmission, and distribution sectors

As an electrical insulation product and equipment supplier, the company is pivotal in serving the switchgear, transformer, transmission, and distribution sectors. Amar Industries, a well-established company in power cable accessories…

Smart and networked thermal imaging technology 

Easily generate concise on-site reports with the testo thermography app by wirelessly transmitting data from the testo 605i hygrometer and testo 770 clamp meter to thermal imagers.

MECO revolutionising EV monitoring by EM09 series multifunction meter

MECO 1 Phase Multifunction Appliance Meter - TRMS (Models: EM09-20A, EM09-5A and EM09-1A) is a microcontroller-based portable, continuous-use, single-phase electrical meter indicating TRMS values of 10 parameters on ten display…

Automatic Circuit Breaker Timer Testing – KI Model – CBT-01, CBT-01PC by Neutronics

A circuit breaker timing test measures mechanical operating timing to verify and validate the correct functioning of the circuit breaker. NMC’s Automatic Circuit Breaker Timer Testing Kit, Model: CBT-01PC, is…

K-LITE expands its architectural LED lighting portfolio

K-LITE INDUSTRIES, an ISO company that manufactures indoor and outdoor luminaires, has launched a new series of LED architectural lighting. K-LITE, as a trendsetter in outdoor lighting inspired by the…

Defining the advantages of Indian made Solar On-Grid Inverters 

This article talks about the advantages of having solar on-grid inverters for Solar PV owners and how it impacts the overall repair cost.  In this era of global climate change…

RADIUS APV-S, next generation on-grid solar inverters

Rishabh, a leader in industrial sector with vast experience and knowhow, presents RADIUS APVS string inverters. Conforming to the most advanced international standards the APVS fulfils the application demand of…

Hartek Group associates with German Conglomerate – Rittal

This partnership would enable both companies to take the latest Electrical Panel technology to customers in various industries. The manufacturing division of Hartek Group – Hartek India Private Limited announces…

RISH GSM – wireless Gateways for multifunctional meters

RISH GSM Gateway for Multifunction Meters, acts as a wireless Gateway between a group of Multifunction meters or Energy meters connected in RS-485 daisy chain and MARC Cloud server to…

Why infrared thermal imagers are essential for electricity detection?

Infiray is committed to providing global customers with professional and competitive infrared thermal imaging products and solutions. Yantai IRay Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of uncooled…

Efficiency in Machine Safety

The primary goal while designing a machine has always been to make its automation process as efficient and cost-effective as possible to complete a task. Now safety controls, with their…

KUSAM-MECO clamp meters and digital multimeters

Kusam Electrical Industries has introduced a new range of KUSAMMECO range of clamp meters and digital multimeters with added features. These include:  TRMS digital fork clamp meter Model KM 039 …

A unique facility for evaluation of HTLS conductors

With increased private participation in power generation and distribution in India, alongside that of public sector, there is a robust demand for bare overhead power conductors. The challenges faced by…

Collective leadership at GSRD – A Make in India footprint

Every industry has its own domestic and global market. That too, developing economies like India reflect a lot of scope for internal infrastructure like power, defence, highways etc., and people…

Motwane announces strategic acquisition of Telemetrics

Motwane has announced its recent acquisition of Telemetrics, an established market leader in highly specialised underground cable fault locating equipment. Through the acquisition, Motwane is able to expand into providing…

Carbon emissions to be reduced by 22 percent with coal-based power: CSE

India’s coal-based thermal power sector is one of the country’s biggest emitters of CO2 (carbon dioxide). It spews out 1.1 gigatonne (Gt, or 1,100 million tonnes) of CO2 every year…

4.8 per cent growth during first half of December in power consumption

India’s power consumption grew 4.8 per cent to 50.36 billion units (BU) in the first half of December this year, showing consistency in economic activities, as per government data. Power…

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