Digital meters and multifunctional analysers by KUSAM MECO

Ultra-High Precision 6 ½ Digit Bench Top Digital Multimeter “KUSAM-MECO” has introduced a new Ultra High Precision 6½ Digit (Bench Top) Digital Multimeter Model M3500A. This meter has 11 Measurements,…

Fluke 1770 Series; 3-Phases power quality analysers for automatic measurement

The new analyzers’ eliminate the complexities of PQ logging to speed studies and ensure the right data is being collected Power quality measurements can be complex to set up and…

Extending substation automation systems during operation

This article describes an innovative method for testing the substation automation system functions, especially for the expansion of a substation during operation and for commissioning bay by bay. Extension and…

Infrared Thermography on Solar Panels

IR Thermography can be used as an early detection tool for hot spots in solar modules. Solar modules are guaranteed for 90 percent power output for 10 years and 85…

In the depths of the SAS

StationScout makes Substation Automation Systems transparent. What is the key focus of commissioning secondary technology? Traditionally, it is testing the protection devices and the way that the entire system functions.…

Thermal scanning at workplace is must in COVID-19 scenario: A govt. mandate

Thermal imaging cameras allow non-contact measurement of body surface temperature and are proven to detect elevated skin temperatures brought by various external causes like COVID-19. The wide spread threat of…

A novel approach to comprehensive tests on phase-shifting transformers

Phase-shifting transformers (PSTs) are integral to today’s power networks. We look at how symmetrical PSTs can be tested for better performance. Today’s power systems are usually not limited to one…

Applications of Rishabh IED in FRTU Panel

The paper describes the various functions that Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) plays in today’s power networks. They are used for protection purposes, power quality analysis, network monitoring, and energy metering.…

Well equipped for Industry 4.0

TDK offers a new series of EPCOS transformers with an output of up to 60 W at low DC resistances. Industry 4.0 is being shaped by the continuing rise in…

Digital metering for current transformers

NANO 3 PHASE CT Abstract: With the advent of smart technologies, digital metering has gained popularity in the field of measurement and control. It becomes unnecessary to use large current…

Advanced measuring solutions for electrical maintenance and safety

In these days of continuous advancements where continuity and precision have become so important, one cannot afford to experience a shut down or higher maintenance lead time as it directly…

India’s first CNG bus which can run 1,000 km in one fill unveiled

In a major step towards making India a gas-based economy and making CNG as the eco-friendly option for long-distance transport in the country, Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Natural…

Technical note on high-voltage in a current transformer

Introduction: Current Transformer (CT) is an instrument transformer that simply steps down the high current and provides it in 5A / 1A range for measurement. CT consists of a toroidal…

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