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Switchgear Industry: New Product Development

Featuring some of the latest breakthrough solutions in the switchgear segment.

Switchgear is an important component in the electrical system charged with the function to perform the function of carrying, making or breaking the normal current load. Switchgear are used to de-energise equipment and also to clear faults downstream. This enables reliability of the electricity supply. This article will describe on the latest products in switchgear segment.

Ekinox3 range of distribution boards
“Switchgear market is witnessing a tremendous growth,” states Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand (Group) India. Switchgear includes circuit breaker, current transformer, voltage transformer, protection relay, measuring instrument, electrical switch, electrical fuse, miniature circuit breaker, lightening arrestor or surge arrestor, electrical isolator and other associated equipment.

Speaking about the company’s latest offering, Saxena says, “Legrand is world’s second largest company in this (switchgear) segment and naturally we enable all our consumers to have all products in switchgear segment one roof. At Legrand India, we have been setting trends with new products in the industry. One of our recently launched products in this segment is Ekinox3 range of distribution boards.”

Traditional distribution boards installed in every home/ building/ office are usually hidden behind doorways or in galleries because they do not always compliment the look of the house. Ekinox3 distribution boards are elegant and rich in aesthetics. The Ekinox3 range has minimal wall projection and is compact which enables it to be placed anywhere without any hassle. The product is created with a safety regulation, and tested to industry standards, Ekinox3 stands for maximum reliability and excellent safety potential.

USPs of Ekinox3
Ekinox3 distribution boards are easy to install and use. The connection areas in these distribution boards are designed to make installation faster and to ensure everlasting hold and longer installation life without compromising on the safety.

Ekinox3 distribution boards have:
• Integrated earthing system in order to avert risky contact
• Completely insulated busbars guarantee safety from severe shocks
• Plastic caps for complete insulation of unused connections
• Shrouded neutral bars and insulated din rail for complete isolation
• High quality virgin CRCA sheet steel to cushion shocks.

2 Premset – a compact modular vacuum switchgear
Modern business requirements call for upgraded switchgear that ensures optimum safety, reliable power and continued business operations. Schneider, aims at transforming the segment by offering next generation switchgear technologies and solutions. “As there is a huge demand for electrification in developing countries, the medium voltage switchgear market is expanding at a rapid pace. In the medium voltage switchgear segment, our goal is to increase reliability and cut downtime in the long run,” briefs Anil Kadam-GM-Business Development, Solution Architect, Schneider Electric India.

Schneider has introduced a new generation of switchgear technology called Premset which is a 17.5 kv compact modular vacuum switchgear with shielded solid insulation system. “It (Premset) is one of the greatest innovations in medium voltage switchgear in the last 10 years. Modular, compact, and smart, Premset switchgears provide optimised safety. For these reasons, they offer very high reliability and efficiency for a wide range of applications. Premset is IAC qualified. It has successfully passed all the tests in accordance with the latest edition of the IEC 62271-200 standard,” he says.

Premset’s USP
“Premset switchgear is the first global product to offer shielded solid insulation throughout,” claims Kadam. He adds, “It is one of the most reliable and end-user friendly MV switchgear system that extends protection to the entire switchgear assembly. Customisable and safe, the system significantly reduces the risk of internal arc as the main circuit is shielded by earthed screen.” Premset comes with standardized dimensions, reduced footprint, and simple front power connections that helps in reducing time and money spent on installation. The range offers a large choice of functions to meet any kind of application: switches, circuit breakers, metering functions, to adapt any substation room and cabling – simple and easy operating. Further, the entire main circuit is solid insulated with epoxy or EPDM, eliminating all live parts in free air. Therefore:
• Premset switchgears are insensitive to harsh environments (humidity, dust, pollution).
• They drastically reduce risks with reference to phase-to-phase faults.
• The solid insulation is shielded, i.e. its surface is at earth potential everywhere.
• Modular, compact, and smart- Premset switchgears provide optimised safety.

3 OsiSense XCKW – a powerful new wireless and battery-less limit switch
The new OsiSense XCKW range from Telemecanique Sensors brings easy connectivity to machine configurations where cabling is difficult, expensive, or unwanted. The range of wireless, battery-less limit switches is designed to serve a vast number of industries, from hoisting, elevators and escalators to mills, foundries, process machinery, and handling and packaging.

The new limit switch range is offered in out-of-the-box compatible packs comprising an OsiSense XCKW limit switch and a receiver.
Piyush Garg, Addl. Director, Balaji Switchgears Pvt Ltd shares few USPs of OsiSense XCKW:

Simplified, cost-effective installation and maintenance: OsiSense XCKW limit switches simplify machine connectivity. Planning a wireless machine solution doesn’t involve cables, which significantly reduces the cost of the system. Furthermore, a wireless solution doesn’t use contacts, so maintenance costs are also reduced.

OsiSense XCKW switches come in a plug-and-play kit, so only electro-mechanical skills are needed to install it.

Long-distance communication: OsiSense XCKW has a wireless range of up to 100m. The range can be doubled using an active antenna, also offered by Schneider Electric.
Energy efficiency and environment friendly: OsiSense XCKW is self-powered, so there is no need to worry about battery replacement or battery recycling costs. Schneider Electric’s optimised design and production process has also reduced the amount of raw material used per device, making it even more environment friendly.

4AV ATS- Advance Version Automatic Load Transfer Switch
HPL Electric & Power Ltd, introduced their latest range of AV ATS-Advance Version Automatic load Transfer Switch to furnish a platform for the switches business to showcase the next generation technologies in the vertical.

Sharing about the product Gautam Seth, Joint Managing Director, HPL Electric & Power Ltd said, “HPL Electric has created a niche for itself in the electrical industry and with the new range of switches, we have entered into the new generation of automatic transfer switches which we believe will help us to expand and further strengthen our presence in the switchgear category.”

HPL Electric is known for its technologically advanced and innovative products, AV ATS is designed as per the latest design and manufacturing needs, meeting world class standards. The product is available pan-India.

HPL’ AV ATS is a simple strong and reliable mechanism to provide a safe changeover of sources, remotely. It has been developed keeping in mind the safety requirements of the new age customers who are more aware about safety measures, preferring branded and quality conscious electrical components to safeguard their systems and prevent threats posed by short circuits. All live parts are shrouded eliminating the possibilities of casualties and electric hazards. The insulation property of the material used is highly reliable, self-extinguishing with high thermal withstand properties and remains intact in even critical conditions.

The AV ATS is compact in size and hence helps in saving space in the enclosures, panels etc. The handling is easy and simple. Its simplicity and ease in use allows the user for quick installation.

5Standard’s 10kA MCB which adopts current limiting design with energy class limit 3
Informing about the latest product in the switchgear segment Abhra Banerjee, Vice President, Havells India Ltd says, “Standard, a well-known brand of Havells India Ltd has been serving the Indian customers with superior quality products for over five decades. Over the years, Standard has proved itself as a key player in the switchgear market of the country by constantly creating innovative and world-class products. The brand’s latest innovation is 10kA MCB which adopts current limiting design with energy class limit 3. During short-circuit faults, they extinguish the electrical arc long before zero crossing, ensuring low value of both peak current “cut off” and minimum let through energy. Further, these MCBs are designed to have power loss figures 50 per cent lower than IS requirement, thus saving both energy and running cost.”

Havells India has also launched 10kA RCBOs with compact construction which allows far more devices to be fit into the distribution board than previously possible. These voltage dependent RCBO’s deliver higher immunity against the nuisance of tripping along-with several user-friendly features thus offering a high performance to size ratio.

6 Microprocessor based intelligent smart disconnector operating mechanism
S&S Power Switchgear Ltd, pioneers in smart switching, protection and control engineering solution. The company has introduced smart grid compliant wireless SCADA link intelligent drive operating mechanism for high voltage disconnectors from 36kv to 800kv with DO fuse.

• Smart motor operator is a smart and robust motor operating mechanism for controlling and monitoring disconnect switches. It offers variable speed control, real time and condition based monitoring, alarm notification, IEC 61850.
• Real time misalignment and blockage detection, condition based maintenance and real time notification in case of failures.
• It has an integrated electronic data monitoring and inbuilt control module.
• Compatible with all disconnect switches that utilise a rotary drive shaft for ratios from 45 to 220 C and multiple turns, of any output torque. Using high precision gears, robust gearbox and an overrated motor, it is designed to operate for the life of the disconnect switch
• Soft start and smooth stop reduces arcing , harmonics, no mechanical bounce, interphase locking , optimal contact pressure ,IP 55 / 56 box improved life span, real time analysis, security and redundant system.
• IEC61850 and DNP3 protocols – no remote terminal unit (RTU) required.

S&S Power Switchgear Limited claims to be the only Indian manufacturer have tested “DS” at CREDA for ice-breaking.

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