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AI Earthing’s industrialises systems for every industry

AI Earthing manufactures world class grounding system, lightning protection system, and exothermic welding system for almost every industry segment. As an eminent manufacturer and supplier, AI weld exo-thermic welding system and copper bonded ground earth rod are their bestsellers.

AI weld exo-thermic welding system
Exothermic weld is a joining technique used to create a permanent connection between two metallic components. It involves a chemical reaction that generates heat, known as an exothermic reaction. This process is particularly noted for the durability of the bond produced and for preserving good electrical conductivity between the joined components.

Exothermic weld powder copper consists of copper oxide and aluminum which is measured into specific weight in grams for the connections should be made approximately 97 per cent of the contents of this cartridge as the weld metal, the remaining part is a starting powder which is tamped into the bottom of each cartridge.

Features of exothermic weld:
• It offers permanent and low connection essential for achieving longwearing and wearing resistance and trustworthy results in earth
• It has superior electrical conductivity to the conductors themselves
• It does not corrode, oxidise or degrade with time and is resistant to galvanic coupling
• It is able to withstand repeated electrical discharges
• It has greater mechanical and squeezing resistance than the conductors themselves

Copper bonded ground earth rod
Copper bonded earthing rod are made from low carbon steel of grade BS 970 or AIS11018 with a high tensile strength of at least 600 N/mm2. Low carbon steel core is molecularly tended with 99.9 per cent pure electrolytic copper. It helps in dissipating the fault current to help your assets from being damaged from the hazards of fault current. Copper bonded earthing rod are manufactured according to the customers which is internationally accepted and is amiable. Manufacturing copper bonded earthing rods with a remarkable production capacity of producing 2000 rods per day and enables to meet the shortest possible delivery time.

The copper layer is bonded to steel core through an electrolytic process that ensures a perfect and tough bonding between the steel and the copper. The earthing rods are fully covered with copper without any cracks, holes, cavities etc. and prevent exposure of the steel core to soil and moisture. Therefore, it can resist corrosion better and has the capacity of being driven to great depths.

Copper bonded earthing rod is most widely used as grounding electrodes. It has in-house state of the art technology to manufacture the earthing rod. With more than 250 micron, copper bonding earthing rod is tested by other NABL accredited lab.

AI Earthing’s comprehensive range of solution meets the need of today’s residential, commercial and industrial electrical safety with utmost quality.

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