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85 percent of disruptive incidents are caused by partial discharge

September 4, 2023 3:46 pm

85 percent of disruptive incidents are caused by partial discharge

Here you can read how partial discharge accounts for 85 percent of disruptive occurrences, emphasising its major influence on operational interruptions and failures.

IPEC has ushered in a paradigm shift in the methodology for engineers, asset managers, and technicians to oversee electrical assets, employing state-of-the-art partial discharge detectors in the market. This tool has become an indispensable asset for Operations & Maintenance (O&M), facilitating the early detection of insulation breakdown and averting potentially catastrophic failures.

Partial discharge (PD) denotes an electrical discharge that does not entirely bridge the gap between two conductive electrodes. It is a consequence of defects, damages, contamination, or improper installation of electrical insulation. PD has the potential to manifest at any juncture within the insulation system where irregularities disrupt the electric field.

IPEC has recently introduced its flagship PD Detector Pro, an embodiment of innovation, pioneering functionality, and advanced design that ushers in a new era in handheld PD spot testing. Expanding upon IPEC’s cutting-edge technology, the PD Detector Pro introduces novel features that ensure the utmost precision in testing high-voltage (HV) assets.


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The PD Detector Pro is a streamlined and user-friendly apparatus for detecting PD in medium-voltage (MV) and HV assets. Compatibility with an extensive array of sensors empowers the PD Detector Pro to be employed across diverse assets, simplifying the identification and quantification of partial discharge. Enhanced by a sizable colour touch screen, the analysis becomes lucid and uncomplicated, while integrated software facilitates comprehensive data storage, offering a lucid overview of asset health over time. The PD Detector Pro boasts advanced noise rejection algorithms that adeptly filter out ambient electrical noise while simultaneously displaying PD and noise levels for the user’s convenience.

In addition, IPEC provides ongoing partial discharge monitoring solutions for all utility contexts, enabling the constant surveillance of critical assets by utilising IPEC’s cutting-edge sensors. These systems extend their reach to encompass switchgear, air- and gas-insulated cables, metal components, transformers, and rotating machinery. Distinguished by a remarkably high sampling rate of 100 million samples per second at 14-bit resolution, accompanied by fully automated noise rejection analysis, these systems offer uninterrupted vigilance. Furthermore, they grant remote monitoring capabilities, issuing PD alerts through email or SMS, while the generated data finds insightful analysis via IPEC’s proprietary software.

Founded in 1995 by the University of Manchester, IPEC has amassed a legacy as the foremost provider of PD monitoring systems. With a substantial track record of monitoring over 30,000 electrical assets from 6.6 kV to 500 kV worldwide, IPEC serves a clientele exceeding 3,000 from 35 different nations. All products proudly bear the imprint of UK innovation and craftsmanship. The distinction between the two Queen’s Enterprise Awards further underscores IPEC’s distinction. 

For more details, visit: www.mtekpro.com

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